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  • Donna - BEWARE - Different than it used to be

    Buyer beware! This is a very different product than it used to be. Ingredients are quite different, and in different quantities. The crushed walnuts that make up the "scrub" are not ground up so fine as before. Feels like I am scratching my face even when not scrubbing.

  • Dr. Chemistry - Lerosett Clay Mask-Fantastic

    My dermatologist got me started on Lerosett Clay Mask, after months of going back and forth with other treatments. I can not thank Dr Amerian enough. I knew she had a trick up her sleeve, because her reputation was the best. She gave me a tube of Lerosett and I have not looked back since. Nothing Is like this stuff from Sweden. You put it on your face and over the next 20 minutes you feel, acually feel the oil leaving your skin. Its not that Lerosett can't remove acne it's that it sucks out the oil and after twice a day for 3 days 1/2 and I mean half of my pimple were gone. Within 10 days I was 90% acne FREE. Lerosett can be hard to find, only certain experts have it. I just got on google, not only that Lerosett is like $30. I will never be without it, nor will my husband or my son who is 19 and hides his tube!! Oh by the way not a single chemical in the stuff!!

  • Uncle Richi - Upgrade does not work

    I am upgrading from the 2008 edition with a single defalut instance on windows 7. I run the systems configuration checker and no issues were found. Then I select "upgrade from sql..." on the installation tab and it seems to go through the same checks and they all pass. As the installation proceeds I get reporting services conectivitiy errors saying something about compatability level, collation which are bogus cause its a 2008 repoting services db and the collation is the default. So I figure it's because the service isn't running so I start it and the installation proceeds. Next I get a message box which says the name is in use but does not tell you what the name is. Some 2-3 hours later, I get failures at the end because the mssqlserver, default instance is in use. Well of course it is, I'm upgrading. I don't want to create another instance. I want to use the default. I found that I was able to run 2012 and it had the user dbs under the mssqlserver instance. The install seemed to remove most but not all of 2008. So I removed it manually and I think I ran a repair afterwards. I have so far an unresolved issue where although I am able to deploy and run reports using the web page, I am unable to run reportmanager. Data Quality services requires an additional step after the install of clicking on a short-cut to complete the install. Master data services requires that the iis be installed, actually you have to activate the feature, as well as other features because it is a web app and needs iis to run. This creates an additional pain of setup and configuration of the iis. I was getting error 500.21 when trying to run mds and I found the fix was to reinstall the latest framework using aspnet_regiis.exe -i. Distributed Replay is a disappiontment because it is command line only. There is no gui for it. So if you want to replay using a shorter connect and think times to simulate a heavier load, you have to manually edit a file.

  • Michelle S. - Greatest cleaning cloths ever!

    I was introduced to these a couple years ago and love them as you don't have to use chemicals to wipe your counters down. We also have them for the bathrooms and I wipe the walls down and door knobs. Great product!