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  • Christy Frink - Life-saver.

    My sweet, seemingly well-adjusted rescue kitty suddenly started pooping all over the house a few weeks ago, and I had no idea what to do. I took her to the vet immediately to rule out any medical issues, but the vet insisted it was anxiety-related or behavioral and offered to put her on kitty Prosac. Determined to eliminate the anxiety at its source, I'd seen some feral cats lurking outside the house at night, so my next step was to set humane traps and have the landlord close up the crawl space. Didn't help. Got a second litter box at the other end of the house. Didn't help. Put up sight-blinders on the lower halves of my windows. Didn't help. Finally I ordered one of these Comfort Zone diffusers in hopes that it might neutralize whatever she was smelling or sensing, and it fixed the problem immediately: As in, she had not pooped in the box for two solid weeks until I plugged one of these in, at which point she waltzed directly to her litter box and did her thing like a pro.

  • Liu Chang - Only good for first use...

    I'm a little disappointed with this product. When I used it for the first time, I was quite happy with its design and its quality. The only defect is the holder to be attached to ears. The design is not perfect, so when using it the earbud is not inside the ear at all. So the sound is pretty small. If you don't use the holder, the earbuds always falls out of ears when running or jumping. Well, considering the price, this is not unacceptable.

  • Brenda C Barbour - Fantastic!

    Love, love, love the Medlov series. This was a fantastic book. Read it in one day. Gabriel finally got his due. Love that each story keeps all the families together. You have to read these books if you haven't before.

  • Jennifer michinok - Great! Except....

    So i really really loked the cards but i was expecting international you know like Brazil. Kinda dissapointing

  • Burrow - Decent to start your search but not definititive

    This book was more useful that the 2016 version though many scholarships are very specific if you aren't of the specific groups listed then won't be as useful/ Decent to start your search but not definititive

  • Errol Icsel - A Collection of Acoustic Amaranthe for the...Collector

    Amaranthe(the band song writters: Olaf, Elize and Jake) has done live acoustic sets on occasion. I had most of this material from the extended Amaranthe first album, and couple other singles releases. However, Splinter In My Soul is one their best songs, and it seems odd that it was a B-side. So, considering that this is a mostly acoustic album, it's done nicely and I wonder why all the acoustic versions aren't here. However, some may not have any of these tunes, and really enjoy the acoustic versions, so I have to give this the highest marksin gathering them together. This is a mere mp3 release for the collector, and I only needed 4 of the 8, so I'm happy which is what counts. One stop shopping for acoustic Amaranthe.

  • R Shanks - and are great for trimming my roses back

    I have had to learn how take care of my flower sent my husband passed ,So I need all the help I could get that when I order this Doraville garden shear set ,They are light weight ,and are great for trimming my roses back ,This shears have the spring action handles that make then easier to use. They come in a pack of two which that make it easy to have the right one there for the job. They are sharpen and really to use ,If I can use this anyone can ,They are made of carbon steel and the handles are covered with a rubber grip. And they are heavy duty just what I needed for my flowers I got this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review