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  • Timothy Hodges - 50 songs for less than 10 bucks.

    I've bought these every year since 2001 and I wasn't disappointed with this year. A great mixture of songs for long car rides. Only drawback is I would like to have had it autorip for my Amazon cloud.

  • B. Drew - Turtles now teenagers, lack Karate skills

    This product doesn't work as well as I would have hoped. I kept three cans in a terrarium with my 4 pet turtles for two years (starting when they were 11). Today, while they are definitely teenagers, they completely lack the following:

  • angelina hayslip - my face began swelling and my lips looked like id just had implants put in

    The first day I took this I took 1 and seemed to feel nothing. The next day I took 2 after I ate lunch i felt very hot, my face began swelling and my lips looked like id just had implants put in. I felt very sick. Not reccommended.

  • Arja Salafranca - Stories that gather weight

    The O. Henry Prize Stories 2015 gathers twenty of the best short stories of the year, selected from many published in US literary magazines. It awards a first, second and third rating to the stories by jurors, the writers Tessa Hadley, Kristen Iskandrian and Michael Parker. As a lover and writer of short stories, I’ve been this series for some years now and it never disappoints. This volume, filled with long stories which allow the stories to breathe and gather weight, was superb too. There are many excellent stories here. A sampling of the highlights include:

  • Slovia Gabay-crichton - Love this bag

    I bought this to take as my carry on and was amazed with all the stuff I was able to pack in this bag. I packed makeup, Wii game system, labtop etc and it all fit comfortably. I love the many functional compartments and pockets. I simply love this bag.

  • Heather Flaherty - A GREAT BUY FOR THIS PRICE!!

    I absolutely love these chairs. I hope people read this review and see that the chairs DO come with the side stands. I read the customer questions on the website and it was answered the they did not but THEY DO COME WITH THE CHAIR.

  • Beth Wilson - Works fast!

    Does exactly what it says it does. I've been having issues with dryness and itch. Creams weren't helping at all. Then I came across this product this month. After a few days, I've been so much more comfortable. Itch is gone and I just feel fresher. Amazing. Wish I had found this supplement years ago.