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  • elias - but i like it, my batteries runs better now with it

    The Charger does it;s job , but very slow charging or desulfating Larger batteries ,, i think 2 amps is a little low for batteries meant for inverters or deep cycle, but i like it ,my batteries runs better now with it ,, so next time i will buy the 8 amps one

  • santi and taylor. - Perfect for short curly hair

    It's really hard to find a product that holds my curly hair in place without making it look stiff and unnatural like gel. Most products I have found that work cost like $20 for a little jar. This stuff works awesome and smells nice for a fraction of the price. Definitely the best putty at this price point.

  • George E. Turner - Helpful

    Pretty much has most everything you really need to know. Doesn't cover in detail some of the more technical issues but a handy reference for basic things.

  • Kimberly Purvis - Relaxing and calming

    I got this in the other night when I got off from work and was very tired, stiff and sore. I was excited to try it out. I have to honestly say it did not disappoint me at all. First off I loved the smell it just filled the whole room with wonderful aromas. Then when I got in my nice warm bath with the salts in it I couldn't help but relax and enjoy the benefits of the salts. I felt my muscles relax and just enjoyed the soak. My skin was soft afterwards and I felt better.

  • Leslie M. Jeffress - A good read with a few factual errors

    The book is a good read for the beach. I thought the use of "Richie Fels" as the name of a celebrated criminal defense attorney who in the main turned on his friend (Street) was a bit crass since there was such a person in Knoxville (Bob Ritchie) who was indeed a celebrated criminal defense lawyer. The name of his firm was Ritchie, Fels and Dillard. Mr. Ritchie died a few tears ago. The scenes indicating beatings by guards of inmates at the Blount and Knox county jails are are somewhat far fetched.

  • Ama-zona - Terrific watch for kids!

    OMG I did not know how great a gift this was going to be. Do buy the 2nd generation or beyond watch. Definitely look at this watch from a child's eyes and not from adult perspective as I think some reviewers have done. Also consider the price - the apps on this watch are not going to compete with a device like a tablet where you have so much more money invested. For the type product it is, the market it is made for and ultimately the low price you get it for - this watch is a great product.

  • Sabrina Wang - Inspiring

    Very inspiring to read about the couple who lent you $100,000 when you needed it the most. All the people that helped you to where you are today are all inspiring. It is good to know that there are still many good people in this world, contradictory to what are being projected in the news and media constantly.