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  • Chayla L. - Little to no soreness

    This is perfect for after an intense workout when I know I need muscle repair. I have my bf take these instead of his creatine and he has no more stinky creatine poots. Sorry if tmi but I love how natural and beneficial this is. Hardly any soreness the next day! It's worth the full water belly to take 5 tablets at a time.

  • Courtney Schulman - Love this game

    Love this game. I use it at work to work on motor planning, imitating body positions, timing, sequencing, following directions, visual attention.

  • Julian Gonzales - Great case for the price!

    Love the value of this case for the price. It doesn't feel cheep at all. I've paid more for other cases and didn't have the quality to match. Would buy again, but don't think I will need a need a new case anytime soon. Such a solid design and it holds my Apple Pencil too!

  • Gail Baschwitz - The Art Of Shaving Cream Lavender

    My husband's barber recommended this. I bought it for him. He loves it. He says it gives him a real close shave. For traveling he put some in a small container. You have to buy a shaving brush. My dad always used a shaving brush. Dad's know best.

  • Dana A. - Goodbye Chronic Pain!

    I've had a long 20+ history of low lumbar conditions, herniated discs, and trying to manage chronic pain with fibromyalgia for over eight years. Due to severe interactions and debilitating side effects with multiple medications that nearly killed me, I've stopped all prescriptions. Instead, I do use natural supplements and whole nutrition. In my personal experience with the Schwartz brand of Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine, I have definitely noticed a big difference. My pain levels have dramatically decreased and I'm able to function on a normal basis. Also, I've tried a variety of other brands of turmeric, but the Schwartz brand works far more effective in comparison. For anyone struggling with chronic pain, back problems, inflammation, achy muscles, or fibromyalgia, I strongly recommend this product! Lastly, for all of you naysayers or those who are suspicious of people giving reviews who received the product for free, I want to mention that I did NOT receive a free product. I purchased the first bottle on my own and it was money well spent. Life is too darn short to suffer in pain or be disabled! You owe it to your own self to take back control of your health. Forget the harsh chemicals and mind-warping prescription drugs that will only be like a Band Aid, but never truly get to the root of the problem. (Beware of all Benzodiazepines and Cymbalta because they are dangerous and toxic drugs that do far more harm than good.) Be your own health advocate and do your research so you can make a conscious decision to improve your health. While there may be a time and place for medicine, it should never be the first or only option. What I love most about the Schwartz Turmeric Curcumin is that I got positive results WITHOUT nasty side effects. It's been such an amazing breakthrough for me and I will definitely continue using this natural product!