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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Mr. Gadget - All is working

    The order came and the install went through. Had the option of a download install since the CD was initially delayed. The CD came later. Good service.

  • Alla Gorenbeyn - Does Not Support QIF file transfer

    I bought this product as I needed to convert from Microsoft Money. While a lot about it is different, it did not take long to transfer my file from Money to Quicken nor learn how to operate the new software. However, it does not support QIF file data transfer from financial institutions. It may be logical to not support relatively archaeic file system, but two of my banks where I do lots of transactions do not allow for any other format, so short of entering transactions manually I have no use of Quicken. Very disappointed!!! Will have to stick around with Microsoft Money till 2011. I will see then if other options become available or if perhaps my banks upgrade thier reporting methods. IOf anyone knows how to run around this, please let me know