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  • mookerblu - Not impressed- two applications in 3 months, nothing

    Not a fan. We did our deck and nothing changed. We sprayed it on April 12, 2016, followed directions for diluting.... and nothing happened. nothing.

  • peachygirl - waste of money

    This company is selling HOPE to arthritis sufferers, and they should be ashamed of themselves. I ordered it, and when it arrived, I COULD NOT OPEN THE CANS because I have arthritis in my fingers, and, would you believe, it's a POP TAB opener! Hello?? I have ARTHRITIS, which the makers of this product claim to heal, and they send you cans which are impossible to open if you have painful fingers. I suffered through 6 weeks of prying it open with a blunt knife, and finally couldn't stand it any more. When I brought this to the attention of the company, their response was "we put that pop tab on because we don't want people to sip it throughout the day, but all at once." So, apparently that was more important to them than making a top that people with arthritis can open. I never heard of anything so ridiculous. And of course, when I told them why I was returning it, they said "it usually takes 3-6 months for you to feel better." I said "that's not what your deceptive infomercial says." How appalling that a company that claims to relieve arthritis sends cans that arthritis sufferers cannot open!! Besides that, it's sickeningly sweet. And after 6 weeks of taking it every day, there was no relief. Another user commented about their return policy, about which I agree. If you want to send it back, you have to pay $30-40 in shipping because it's heavy, so the $99 "refund" is really a tidy profit for them of the shipping charge, and you only see $59 of your refund. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are beneficial for arthritis, but don't give your money to this scam.

  • J. M. Cooper - Easily worth the price.

    Worth the price. That's the best thing I can say about it. It's great for lounging out on the lake and having some drinks. I'm giving it 5 stars in spite of the fact that the mesh ripped on the 3rd day of use. Not the manufacturer's fault that some jackasses jumped in off of the dock.

  • Lillian.B - The author has written very amazing book. There is given strategies

    "Stress,depression and anxiety becomes common problem all over the world and becomes hurdle too in the way of our success. The author wants to secure people from these problems so the author has presented this book named as Meditation which means to give comfort and relaxation to your mind spiritually and physically too.The author has written very amazing book. There is given strategies ,tips and criteria after implementation these get spiritual comfort love yourself and get peace and moves towards happiness. Greatly appreciate to author!"

  • Julian C - very good and are perfect complement

    Today I passed my PMP exam. I can say PMP Exam How to Pass On Your First Try. It was very helpful together with Rita Mulcahy. Both are very, very good and are perfect complement.

  • CaptainCarl55 - Anchors Away!!!

    Have you been walking down the street and been struck by a massive ocean liner or aircraft carrier? Are huge ships following you around,scaring away your friends and family? Have you lost sleep at night due to a ships's whistle? Does the Navy harass you because all the ships at the base follow you home? Don't feel alone or threatened literally billions of people deal with this problem every year and fortunately there is a quick and easy solution. Leading scientists at Pompous Blowhard University have developed this easy-to-read book to help people just like you.