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  • Chris Burgardt - It's a miracle

    We have old hardwood floors which have been refinished so many times, they need to be replaced. We don't really want to spend the money, so we've been applying this shine for a few months. It doesn't fix underlying stains, but it does add a shine the floor wouldn't have otherwise.

  • Patti Rinaldi - ICD-9 Book review

    This book was in excellent condition and well worth the price. If you are a student you need to save wherever you can. The books on Amazon are in better condition and the price is better than the used books at the college bookstore. The only problem is the length of time it takes to get the book. The teacher start assigning homework the first day and if you have to wait for your financial aid to get your books you have to have them by the second class period.

  • Amazon Customer - SUPER DISAPPOINTED

    Would give zero stars if I could. This product made me SICK - nausea, vomiting & diarrhea!! I could not even finish the first day & could NEVER drink that green drink again!

  • Cassie - This is so going to help me!

    When I was young my mother gave me Ginkgo and St. John's Wort daily to help my "growing brain" as she called it and my "teenage hormones". I cannot say if they did or did not help but knowing what I do now about how important these supplements are I bet they did help and I still take my 20 odd amount of daily supplements to help me focus better and have more energy. I like how there is so much packed into these easy to swallow supplements. This should not be an immediate lift in my mood but over the course of a month I should notice a change. In today's diet we need extra help from supplements and I love the ones that are packed full....I need the help. I am a horrible eater and my lifestyle is very fast paced so when I can take something that will help me in every area I jump on board. These do not really smell, and if you are really sensitive to smells I recommend sticking them in the freezer so you can take them, I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I like that I only have to take twice a day and I don't have to remember to take it 4 times a day to get the benefits from this supplement. Very easy and I look forward to seeing the benefits of this!

  • Jack's Dad - In a word, it's COOL!

    Bought it for a 14 year old boy building his first computer. In a word, it's COOL! Boy is building a gaming computer. With very little help from mom and dad. An adult who has built many computers is offering his services as a consultant. But Jack is searching the internet and learning everything he can about the various parts and the putting-it-together. Now, after about three months, he knows what he wants. This is his keyboard.