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  • Sara Engels - Does not help for hair removal

    I got this to help in the ever so painful epilating process. I followed the instructions to a tee. As for the removing hair in sensitive areas I did not notice any relief. Maybe it works for tattoos, but it does not help ripping hair out.

  • Donna L. Mikrut - Don't buy it!

    The frozen fruit doesn't go thru very easily at all. There's a funny metal after taste. We've tried it several times and it still tastes weird.

  • Autumn Marie Hyatt - AMAZING!

    I LOVE this stuff! I actually bought it on accident just stocking up on household medicine and when I need Nyquil the most I never have it so I thought I would be proactive. The checkout lady said Oh this stuff is selling like crazy! I thought that was weird since it had been around forever and then I got home and looked closer. ZzzQuil! I have been trying to get up at 4am to get a jump start on work and to get my workout in but going to bed at 9pm is hard! Not with this stuff! I woudl recommend this stuff to everyone! LOVE!

  • C. Hays - Pretty good study guide for Pharmacy Technician Certified Board Exam.

    I received the Pharmacy Technician Certified Board Exam Study Guide 2015-2016 yesterday. I flipped through this book quite a while, and I can say that it is laid out well. Over five chapters it provides an introduction to being a Pharmacy Technician, how to work with customers, common drugs, general mathematics, maintaining medications and inventory, and administrative practices. I am sure that it will be helpful with preparing to be a Pharmacy Technician, but I am not sure that it provides enough information to actually pass the Pharmacy Technician Certified Board Exam.

  • Lee Hall - FANTASTIC!!!

    Oh my gosh! This thing is amazing and I wish I'd known about it years ago. Spray painting my wicker has always been a nightmare. I checked into having five pieces painted, but they were going to charge $350! I have way more than those five pieces, so I decided to do it myself. Then I found this and I can't tell you what a breeze it makes a usually miserable job!