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Country:, North America, US

City: -87.6272 Illinois, United States

  • linda - terrible, dosn't work at all

    I got this item in the mail a month ago & used it faithfully as per the directions: I measured myself first then used the cream, pulled up the tummy tuck belt & did the 5 min exercises in the am & pm. I also cut my calorie intake & exercised.I wore it every day all day & only took it off to shower. After 2 weeks of it I measured again & not one inch gone.

  • Brook607 - Much Too Greasy

    I like to use a 30 SPF moisturizer in the summer because of the higher UV index, but this is much too heavy for me. It just sits on my skin and makes my face too shiney and greasy looking. It feels really greasy too, and in humid weather, I really hate using it. I have to use face powder, otherwise I look sweaty. Also, I can't use it near my eyes, specifically in the under eye area, because the fumes burn my eyes. I have to use a different moisturizer in that area. I'm not sure what causes the burning. I use RoC deep wrinkle serum, the one in the gold bottle, and that does not burn at all. Maybe it's the SPF.

  • karyn - sucks

    I tried it did not work was a big waste of money . And then trying to cancel was a tug of war, but did manage to cancel it.

  • A. Barthel - I really wanted to like this.

    We've purchased every Just Dance and have really enjoyed each one until now. We use them to get our workouts for the day. I'm finding the dance moves more difficult to get down because they make so many sudden changes. It's hard to find the rhythm of the moves. Some of the dances are downright obnoxious like the remix for "What does the Fox say" with the two guys dressed as boy scouts. There are a few songs and dances we really enjoy, but overall I'm disappointed. The other issues worth mentioning are the order of the songs and menu navigation. It would be really nice if the songs we're listed in ABC order, so you knew which direction to go and find a particular song. I could be one window away, but inevitably we go the wrong direction and end up scrolling through every song before finding the one we want. The navigation is not as smooth as it could be, I want to push the directional button right or left and go that way, but you have to get your pointer directly on the arrow then press it to move in a particular direction. It took us a little while to truly appreciate JD 2014, so we'll keep trying to like this version. I will post an update if my feelings ever change about it. At this point, I think we're done with any future releases of Just Dance. I just don't like the direction they seem to be heading.

  • Max Carrte' - Price is good

    Price is good, Shipping was good, product, OK not great. So far we've ordered 9 of these Generators in total. Three of these the first time, back in the beginning of last year 2012, but two of them were stolen, so it would be pretty difficult to do a fair comparison on the first batch. So I order a second batch of Generators, three more. We use these little guys on are Tractor Trailer Trucks, two at a time one will run continuously while the other is there for a back-up. We only use Synthetic Oil 10/30, in in these small engines, you should only use this type of oil, and nothing else. Cost is a bit pricy, but very well worth it.

  • Barthproj72 - 100 hastily written stories

    If you are badly stuck at story time this will just about do the job. However, the grammar, continuity of writing and imagination leave a lot to be desired. Nowhere near as polished as a real book written by a children's author. Even at such a cheap price, I do not believe it was worth the money. Sorry to be cruel but if you take 20 seconds to make up a story in your head you'll probably come up with something better.

  • Buffy - These are 90 compression and have a good feel coming off of my Diablo Edge clubs

    Classic Callaway golf balls. These are 90 compression and have a good feel coming off of my Diablo Edge clubs. This is a good value for the price. Pros won't use these, but for a casual golfer these work great.