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  • gloveless - I am amazed at the brightness of these lights

    I am amazed at the brightness of these lights. I was a little skeptical at first because of the small size of the lights but wow the light is amazing. They put out more light than I thought was possible from something so small. I put it on my deck so I would have a light for the steps. I grilled tonight after dark and placed my grill on the ground below the light, I could see perfectly! The lights have a dim setting which I love because it doesn't run the battery down all night. The motion sensor is super sensitive, coming on at the slightest movement. I really, really like the lights! I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.

  • LadyLoves Chickens - Our son loves this

    This is a very good vitamin. I've looked it up on several vitamin research lab websites to make sure the contents are what they say they are. My son has a hard time with digesting most vitamins and this one is not a problem. Since it has digestive enzymes, he takes them after having a few bites of food and makes sure to take them with meals. He's been taking them for quite a while and this winter, he has had less illnesses than he usually does. We do eat well, but he seems to burn off the vitamins faster than I can get food into him! I'm not sure about the "acne clearing" components, but his face is less broken out (but this was never a huge problem with him, just small break outs). The nice part about Rainbow Light vitamins are they are food based, gluten free, with no sugars or any junk! Our doctor recommended these as they are what he and his family take.

  • Lizette - Best messenger bags ever!

    Timbuk2's specialty are these messenger bags. No need to try any other! They are worth every dollar because they can withstand any weather and abuse. The velcro is the strongest I've ever seen. This company comes from San Francisco where bikers are hard core; they've done their homework. I only wish I would've bought a newer version with the inside loop for water bottles. The medium was the best size for me because in can fit an amazing quantity without feeling bulky. And even if it is emptier, it's comfortable. I recommend the Classic the most.