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  • MavJL - PC Matic causes problems

    I was looking for ways to speed up my laptop. I've seen the commercials for PC Matic many times and decided to give it a shot. Prior to this, I paid $100 for 4MB of additional RAM, which worked wonders. In fact, if your laptop or PC has the capacity to increase RAM, this should speed up your system. But I heard how PC Matic does an entire scan and makes changes so I thought I'd do both. Installing PC Matic was a big mistake. My laptop didn't run any faster. And programs like Outlook and Adobe had problems. I tried to find a technical support number to call them, but all they have are self help videos. I was actually pleased when I found a video on how to restore my laptop to a previous point. The instructional video is clear and concise. The problem is that after restoring my system to the point prior to PC Matic, MS Outlook still runs the same slow way. I use Outlook every day, all day and I'm frustrated that I'm now left with a slow running MS Outlook. I don't know what else to do, but PC Matic did not help me. If your laptop or PC is riddled with problems and has a lot of issues, PC Matic might work. But you should first see if your computer can accept more RAM.

  • gadget happy - Nice phone but check with your carrier first.

    This was an excellent phone and unfortunately I had to return it. I called the local AT&T store to see if they could activate the phone. One rep from the store said YES on the phone but when I got there the answer became NO. It wasn't compatible with their network. The same could be said for Tracfone in my area. What a disappointment! There really isn't a way to check before placing the order with Amazon because it depends on the IMEI number on each phone and many Amazon customer reviews were hit and miss with that info. The phone was fast, great resolution and looked similar to an iPhone 6. I do want to mention how great the customer service was at Amazon when I needed to return the phone. I was considering just keeping the phone and using it on my WiFi but I have so many devices as it is. If it works with your carrier than you will have a nice phone.