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  • Oorgi barissa - Kaplan pcat

    This book is great for math ,English ,biology ,and general chemistry . As for organic chemistry section, you need other materials because this book does not have enough information. I can say there is barely few info.about Ochem in this book

  • Iphi - It's difficult to purchase a good laptop bag without holding it and exploring its features ...

    I bought the Carbon Full-Cycle Twill bag in Medium. It's difficult to purchase a good laptop bag without holding it and exploring its features in person. So, I was worried that 1) my laptop wouldn't fit in the laptop compartment and 2) the main compartment wouldn't be big enough to hold many files. I had read many reviews of the bag, and watched a few videos, so I felt pretty sure this was the bag I wanted. When the bag arrived, I was from the first impressed with the quality of construction. I explored all the zippered pockets, zipped open the laptop compartment, experimented with the fold out TSA feature, and experimentally loaded my 15" Toshiba laptop. The laptop fit, but there was a bit of a sticking point getting it past the zipper pull. It was a fit, but not an easy fit. The next day my employer gave me a new 15" Lenovo ThinkPad (yay) and I'm pleased to say the ThinkPad slid right in without the little hiccup I experienced with the Toshiba. I imagine a 15" MacBook would be a breeze.

  • Jacob - LMAO while he CHAO

    Alright, let's cut to the chase. I saw multiple videos and reviews of this product, and let's just say the bully that has been stealing my lunch doesn't anymore.

  • D. Flythe - I was amazed by the belt.

    I bought this belt to supplement my workout plan and it works great. I wore it today during my step class and it worked while I worked. It fits securely and did not shift around while I moved. The controls are simple and I turned it off and on without having to interrupt my workout. After I finished class, I took it into the sauna and used it on my back. It was the best massage I have had it years. I am very glad I made this purchase and would recommend the product to anyone.

  • Speedy - Works great, but the big BUT

    Works great, but the big BUT, It too expensive. The one 3x3 pad didn't do another small area. Also it should come in small bottle oŕ bottle-fed pad so you can stop, replace lid and do another area latter.


    The Italian mafia wiped out her father, brothers, uncles and mother while she was upstairs with her headphones on. She was taken by them and given to Dante to get her to submit to him. Although Dante wants nothing to do with them starting to venture into the sex slave trade, he cannot defy Gennaro's order. The boss tasked him with getting her ready to be sold. He has three weeks.

  • Davidmtml - Great if chalk is not allowed.

    I use this product at my gym where regular chalk is not allowed. This dries my hands just as well, and gives me just as much as regular chalk without the mess. I will order again when this bottle runs out!