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  • CT Chicklet - Very Effective - Helped with Codependent Adult Child!

    This program is GREAT for parents who need help becoming "good enough" parents. I am so impressed because it even helped us become the loving parents our 40-something daughter needed so that her disrespectful entitlement attitude completely reversed.

  • Nicolette Martin - Pleased

    Great product. I use this on my hair (4c) , my daughter (4a), and my son ( 3c). Wash days are much easier with no more screaming or difficulty combing. This is a must have in my house. Very pleased with this detangler. This also does not weigh hair down or cause flakes.

  • Elle Hunt - Loved it for my legs... super close shave!

    I am surprised how well this shaves legs! I bought it thinking I could "touch up" before boating. I hate having freshly shaved legs in contact with salt water, so I assumed this would make them look good but not be as close a shave. Wrong! This is pretty darn close. Only saving grace is that it doesn't seem to shave the skin like a traditional razor does.

  • Runatem - People's Best

    Wow! I bought some serrapeptase after doing extensive research to try to find something - anything to help with my extremely painful frozen shoulder syndrome. Frozen shoulder generally takes from 1 - 3 years to heal. The pain, particularly with sudden movements is unspeakable. After buying a bottle, I procrastinated for several months. In the meantime, my high schooler got a football injury and this product came to mind. His doctor recommended ibuprofen and of course I said forget about it and remembered the serrapeptase. The relief was almost immediate which inspired me to stop procrastinating about my own painful syndrome. I started with a conservative 2 per day. Mind you that at that point I couldn't get through the night without waking up 3 or 4 times to rub my arm with pain cream. I kid you not when I say that by the third night I was able to get a full night's sleep with no cream. Unbelievable! There is no treatment for frozen shoulder in allopathic medicine. Going through physical therapy which I did the first time I got it is like volunteering to get the snot beat out of you by Mike Tyson on a regular basis. No thanks. This is a product that really worked for me and my son. Over the ensuing months I've gained about 85 percent of my range of motion back and about a 90 percent reduction in pain. Definitely worth trying for any inflammatory condition. Just remember that consistent use is key.

  • John - wheel covers

    I liked the covers and they match well. The main difference is that they do not have a big Toyota symbol in the middle of the circle in the center. Otherwise, the fit is good and the price is right.

  • Pink Rain Cloud Mom - What a great package, this is a non-gmo packed full of ...

    What a great package, this is a non-gmo packed full of great smelling, AND tasting tea. I am happy the taste is pleasant, I was worried it would taste like sticks and leaves, or some kind of stinky awful matcha stuff. This is nothing like that, it is enjoyable and made me forget it is a detox tea.

  • Nicole - I usually apply the BioSilk Silk Therapy after my shower so my hair can absorb it better. But I think it works best on somewhat

    The first time I tried this product was the 8 oz from Costco - SO expensive but thank goodness this is the STEAL on Amazon!