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API, Pharmaceutical Intermediate, Pharmaceutical Chemical, Bulk Drug - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Beijing Felicity Pharm Co.,Ltd engaged in Pharmaceutical Chemicals raw material and medicine intermediate reserch,with production.and sales.We pay more attention to new drug development, Pharmaceutical raw material,medicine intermediate and sales.

  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/cetirizine-12288-hydrochloride--254497-1819629.html Cetirizine Hydrochloride - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C21H25ClN2O3•2(HCl) Molecular Weight:461.81 CAS No:83881-52-1 white crystalline powder and hygroscopic
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/doxorubicin-12288-hcl--254497-1819692.html Doxorubicin hcl - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C27H29NO11•HCl Molecular Weight:579.99 CAS No:25316-40-9 white powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/epirubicin-hcl--254497-1819728.html Epirubicin hcl - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C27H29NO11•HCl Molecular Weight:579.99 CAS No:56420-45-2 cardinal red or orange red powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/oxaliplatin--254497-1819747.html Oxaliplatin - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C8H12N2O4Pt Molecular Weight:395.27 CAS No:61825-94-3 White or white crystalline powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/tetracaine--254497-1819836.html Tetracaine - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C15H24N2O2•HCl Molecular Weight:300.83 CAS No:136-47-0 white crystalline powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/loratadine--254497-1819855.html Loratadine - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C22H23ClN2O2 Molecular Weight:382.89 CAS No:79794-75-5 White or white powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/asarone--254497-1819944.html Asarone - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C12H16O3 Molecular Weight:208.25 CAS No:2883-98-9 White or white crystalline powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/telmisartan--254497-1819972.html Telmisartan - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C33H30N4O2 Molecular Weight:514.62 CAS No:144701-48-4 White or white crystalline powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/nateglinide--254497-1820013.html Nateglinide - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C19H27NO3 Molecular Weight:317.43 CAS No:105816-04-4 White crystalline powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/tiopronin--254497-1820070.html Tiopronin - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C5H9NO3S Molecular Weight:163.19 CAS No:1953-02-2 White or white crystalline powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/ozagrel--254497-1820079.html Ozagrel - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C13H12N2O2 Molecular Weight:228.25 CAS No:82571-53-7 White or white crystalline powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/granisetron-hcl--254497-1820087.html Granisetron hcl - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C18H24N4O.HCl Molecular Weight:348.87 CAS No:107007-99-8 White crystalline powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/ambroxol--254497-1820096.html Ambroxol - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C13H18Br2N2O•HCl Molecular Weight: 414.57 CAS No:23828-92-4 White or light yellow crystalline powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/azithromycin--254497-1820235.html Azithromycin - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C38H72N2O12 Molecular Weight:749.00 CAS No:83905-01-5 White or white crystalline powder

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  • L. W. - The ice stays nice at 1/2 the price of other cups I've seen

    I've tested my KRYO Kup today (received yesterday, prime shipping) and am loving it. The ice I put in the cup at 8:30am has not melted almost 8 hrs later (the plastic insulated cup I usually keep on my desk melts ice in just a couple hours.) I'm not sure about the steel straw -- it transmits the cold to my lip when sipping so I may use my plastic straws from the other cup, but I'm not decided yet. No condensation on the base or sides of the cup; a little on the lid but seems to remain on the underside of the clear lid not the top. Speaking of the lid -- it is holding the seal well. I've removed to add more water 3 times today and the seal seems to remain well connected, not loose from the lid itself. I may buy a back up lid after a while, but this is only day 1 so....

  • Amazon Customer - The only planner you will ever need!

    Everything you want in a planner and more! Adorable stickers to use, generous lined pages for the days of the months, lined notes pages at the back, great illustrations throughout...it just makes me smile every time I open this planner. I love using it and can't wait to order the one for next year!

  • Aidan - Extremely overrated

    These things are extremely overrated on Amazon. The quality of these was extremely inconsistent. Of the 8 packs, only 2 packs were actually sticky enough to stay on my foot. The others would slide around during the course of the day, which means they were not contacting the intended area. They would also completely stick to my socks, which would cause ripping of the fabric in my socks. On top of that, the low dosage of salicylic acid barely did anything. I strongly suggest getting a salicylic acid gel and using band-aids instead.


    Read the ingredients. There are dyes and synthetic sugars and sugar alcohols. There is no way that someone should put this in their bodies when INULIN powder products are available. Inulin is all vegetable fiber from chicory root with no artificial ingredients. I have tried many fiber products and INULIN is the best since Metamucil discontinued their CLEAR & NATURAL fiber products for some strange reason.

  • Karen MB - Great Product

    Nature's Way is GREAT and they make very good Holy Basil. I received my order of Holy Basil quickly and in great shape. Thank you so very much for the great job yet again for filling my order. Holy Basil is a very important additive for my daughters health. Holy Basil helps my sweet girl with her terrible cronic Migraines.

  • M Lizarraga - Another WIN for 3M

    3M, you are a godsend! When I first purchased my carpet, I coated it with Scotchgard protector. 5 years later, I had an 'accident,' with a plateful of spaghetti, whose sauce ended up all over the carpet. I thought I had to purchase a new one considering how the sauce had spread all over. After using moist paper towels, I was amazed that I could remove most of the damage. After purchasing the Scotchgard cleaner, the carpet looks brand spankin' new! They must mad scientists they have working there at 3M, considering the magic their products perform.