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Information for Patients | Fareston (toremifene citrate) 60 mg Tablets - Information for patients about Fareston (toremifene), another option for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer in postmenopausal women with estrogen-receptor positive or unknown tumors.

  • http://fareston.com/about/treatment.html Fareston May Provide the Continued Benefits of Endocrine Therapy | Fareston (toremifene citrate) 60 mg Tablets - Learn how Fareston may provide the continued benefits of endocrine treatment if your other endocrine treatments have been challenging.

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  • Trae - Works

    Hubbi is in Afghanistan staying in a cave where there WERE a lot of snakes. Not anymore product works great, only offset is its really strong!

  • LaMar Bender - It was like the seller said

    I was pleasantly surprised of the condition the record, booklet, and album cover were in especially considering the price I paid. It was like the seller said, "Like new." Now for the content. It's been years since I listened to this album in it's entirety. I agree with what other reviewers have said about this edition being the best one of Jesus Christ Superstar. I recall being inspired when I heard this album as a young Christian when it was first released. It helped me see Jesus Christ as a human being just like me. The entire opera is still inspiring and enjoyable for me today. My only disappointment with this great work is that it leaves out the resurrection of Jesus Christ which for me is a key component to the Christian faith. That said it does a nice job of putting the gospel narrative in a musical style that I enjoy.

  • Missy S. - Edward Klein is a skilled writer and really gets to the heart of the deceit and dishonesty in this book...

    I received this book the day it came out (bought it on pre-order). The book was an absolute page turner. I had been doing my research about Hillary and all of her scandals so there was little that was new information to me. However, the scandals she is involved in were laid out in a very clear way so that the reader is left without a doubt of her involvement. In addition, it was made very clear of the White House's involvement in all of her shenanigans. After reading this book, the takeaway for me, as the reader, was that there is no democracy in politics. There is no transparency in politics. And finally, there is no truth in politics. The book left me feeling that no matter what the popular vote is in the United States, the election has been bought and paid for by Hillary and her band of liberal cronies. While I already felt that way before this book, it was nice to have my feeling validated after this book.

  • Matthew S Hibbs - Great cleaner. Only one I use on my vehicle

    Great cleaner. Only one I use on my vehicle. Very soapy and washes bugs and dirt off without any effort.

  • Ian mcgillan - Just what I needed

    Reasonably priced . working good so far. Bought it for my 16 year old son who is always on the go and he loves it!!

  • K. Ioffe - no better than the rest

    The price would suggest that it's a sure bet to clean your floors...just don't bet real money! I've been through several cordless vacs and they all lose their efficacy within a matter of weeks. The Lynx is no different, just more expensive. I don't have any animals so hair is not an issue, but I do have kids. Apparently cheerios and cracker crumbs are no match for this overpriced gadget! I haven't found anything else worth a look; my old corded vac and standard broom are continuing to do the job until further notice. Disappointed!