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  • Joyner Lights - Let The Cutting Begin

    Package arrived exactly as advertised. Besides making a strange buzzing sound, maybe because it's new and needs a little oil, I am free to be my own barber. My hair trims look great and I feel liberated no more hours waiting in a crowded barbershop. My barber was surprised; he could not tell that I did it myself.

  • Metar26 - A Wealth of Opportunity

    Having been introduced to Dr Wallach's concepts I used his approach (with a few personalized tweaks) to resolve a 18 year doggedly persistent heart problem. There is a wealth of opportunity in his concepts for those willing to expend the time and effort. But don't expect assistance from the conventional medical establishment who by-in-large neither know nor want to know anything of Wallach's approach to health.

  • Sandy - Am liking this shampoo. Been using for about 3 ...

    Am liking this shampoo. Been using for about 3 weeks plus and feel that there is less hair loss and evidence of some new hair growth along my hairline. Will have to see.

  • badassbookblogger - Large book

    Narrow the price and offer the tests one at a time. I hate having to disassemble and copy. Why not just throw out one copy of a test at a reasonable price.

  • michelle b - This is very easy to understand and use

    This is very easy to understand and use . I got this because some how my tablet does not read sd cards any more , and with out me able to put the sd card in I could not save my pictures because I could only find cord that hook to a usb and not a phone or android . This helps so much , All I have to do is take the couple of pictures I save on my tablet . hook up my tablet ( plugging in to this ) And it will let me save my pictures to whatever sd I want or if I wanted to do it the other way around and take something from my sd card and put it on my tablet and or phone.