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  • Michael Moskowitz - The screen is great, the machine is fast--like really fast

    For the money, this is kind of hard to beat. The screen is great, the machine is fast--like really fast. You flip the lid open and it's up and running with virtually no boot up time. Pretty impressive. When you take into account that most of us spend 99% of our time on the internet AND all of the best productivity programs (Google docs, Microsoft Word) are already available as online web programs, there is really very little reason to use a dedicated desktop/laptop for most users unless you need proprietary software (i.e. autocad, video/audio editing, etc..) and more raw processing power. I really can't think of any cons at this price. The only one being some additional steps you need to take to set up a virtual Google printer. Keyboard is good, unit is light yet feels sturdy and the dedicated chrome keys are cool. I'm getting another one for my office.

  • Rainy Day - Not for me

    I am mixed (African American) with naturally oily, fine, tight curly hair. I usually put in a leave in conditioner and style as needed. I take pride in my curls and leaving my hair as natural as possible. A friend recommended this to me, knowing I LOVE anything containing coconut oil/milk. The first time I used it my hair (air) dried stiff and brittle. Assuming it was just thirsty or needing to adjust to a new conditioner I continued to use it for the next two weeks. Within that time period my hair became so dry it started breaking and falling out! I have never had a conditioner dry out my hair so badly as this did! It stripped every ounce of moisture I had! Not to mention it isn't even organic! I love the smell and had high hopes for this working but absolutely not worth the dry brittle feel it left behind!

  • David Krzak - Book received quickly and in great shape

    This book is being used for a required class for my MBA program. It was arrived at my house in good time and was in great shape.

  • Angel Hatfield - This story was okay but to me it didn’t feel like Jessa and her friends were in their twenties instead ...

    Jessa Lebron was twenty two and a wolf shifter. She lives In Connecticut which was a center for Vampires, shifters, fey, magic users and demi fey in the US. There is a prison where the baddest paranormal criminals are kept to protect the rest of the world. Jessa is in college with the four constant companions that she had been with since two years old. They are a dragon shifter, vampire , fey and magic user which is a wizard. They are to be the next generation of leaders of their community. Then their are a couple of revelations such as Jessa has a twin sister. Also all they have known is a lie. Jessa friends were Tyson was a wizard, Maximus was a vampire, Jacob was fey, Braxton was a dragon shifter. Vanguard is the name of the prison hidden deep in the forest. Jessa and her friends set out to find out and end up in Vanguard and have to wait for their trial. This story was okay but to me it didn’t feel like Jessa and her friends were in their twenties instead of teenagers Also it was way too predictable. So I didn’t enjoy this as much as I could have. However there were some parts i did laugh at.

  • Sachie - Just like the Lionesse product

    I bought a similar product from a Lionesse kiosk in the mall for about $150.00 - and this product did the exact same thing! Just like the Lionesse product, I could see the dead skin coming off of my face. After I use this product, my face glows and feels so much softer. My moisturizer is also absorbed into my skin, instead of just sitting on it because the dead skin doesn't allow it to penetrate as well. I'm buying this product for all my girlfriends this Christmas!