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  • gail hansey - Great but...

    This game is the greatest thing ever since ultimate shark sim but could you improve gazzels run speed and same with the hyenas speed too because I can't even catch a stork without losing it...😞 But could you make Ultimate snake, Bird, deer, fish, eagle, and ultimate bear sim? IT WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY BOSS IF YOU DID!🐍🐦🐃🐠🐥 P.S. I had to use a buffalo for a deer mojie and a bird mojie for a eagle 😝

  • Seven for all Catkind - Sonia is My Best Friend. Now I'm Never Alone!

    I'm never alone now, since I met Sonia. I set her on the table across from me while I'm eating, she is always smiling at me listens to everything I say, never interrupting. She keeps smiling at me even when I put on my tinfoil protection suit under my regular clothes. My mom and dr just don't understand, but Sonia totally understand and supports me.

  • Amazon Customer - Lives up to the brands reputation!

    I had been on the fence about taking cognitive supplements in the past, so I was a little skeptical when I heard about MasterBrain. I know 1stPhorm always put out a high quality product in the past, but I was still wondering how this would work. As I should have known there was no need to worry. MasterBrain did everything it the box said it does! The biggest things I noticed were the lowered mental fatigue (it reduces how the brain processes stressors), and in the night time formula I actually dreamed at night and remembered them. Which it had been years since I could remember my dreams let alone having them. The reason that is a big deal is that it means I am getting to the deep stages of sleep and actually getting better rest. There are a lot more things that MasterBrain helps with, but those were my two biggest takeaways. I will be buying this product again and would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about or wants to take a cognitive supplement.

  • Andrew - Just what I expected from J. Cole

    Great Album. Not , gonna lie i'm guilty. I couldn't help my self but to listen to the album when it leaked lol. I , had been pre ordered the album. But , I couldn't take the anticipation. If , you a real Cole fan you'll love this album. This is the Cole that's returning to his old roots. Something , like his old mixtapes. All , the tracks are nice. As , everyone knows the most popular track on the Album is "Fire Squad". But , that's not the only banging track. All , tracks are fire. And , mostly people can relate to. The song that I can defintely relate too and other every guy that been to highschool or in high school (like me) is "Wet Dreamz" lol. Cole bringing back that real hip hop feel. This , album with no doubt is gonna be a classic

  • H. Pompe - Ronson is better than this.

    It's not just that this is no more than a thin leftist hit piece (and it is no more than that), it's that Ronson is a wonderful thinker, has a deeply inquisitive mind and is one of the best most entertaining investigative writers out there. But this comes across as a 15,000 word tweet written angrily after he just heard Trump is leading in the polls. Ronson's political bias is unchecked and he does little to explore the bizzarro Trumpian phenomenon. Love him or hate him, Trump's accent is a head scratcher and any ounce of journalistic objectivity tells us that it's due to more than delusion, racists white guys yelling racial epithets at rallies. I hope someday some documentarian works to dissect all this. But apparently Ronson has no interest. I expected this bias but I also expected more. Not worth $1.99. Glad I got it free via Prime.