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  • Elizabethtown Animal Hospital | Our Veterinary Staff - Our staff seeks to provide the best possible animal care for their highly-valued patients.

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  • Werner Tuttle - This is an amazing resource getting you up and meditating right away!

    I was amazed at just how well this book worked for me. I always thought meditation would be really hard to learn. It seems like you need serious concentration ability and special powers to do it right. Well, this book takes away those barriers and shows you how you can jump right in and start making progress right away. It really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. The benefits of it are huge and hit just about every part of your life. I feel so much more relaxed, less stress, and more energy after starting this!

  • Rafael Aguilera Jr. - Piece of crap

    I bought this mighty fine piece of equipment from a Big Lots for $. Yup, I thought I was getting a deal! I was hoping it would be a good workout player but after one use, I knew it would not be. Things that suck about it: The first thing I noticed are the very crappy ear phones (The kind you get from a 99 cent store) and the player they plug into is just as flimsy. As soon I started jogging it became apparent the earphone jack and its receptacle are very flimsily made, the audio floated in and out and was laced with static.Very poor quality. I had to wiggle the jack around to get good audio. As we all know, as soon as this problem starts it only gets worse. 2nd thing that sucked; there is no "random play" feature, this player will start your play-list from the very beginning, every time you turn it on. So, in reality, you will probably never hear every song on your 2GB player unless you workout for about 12 freakin' hrs. Having to hear the same songs gets tired fast! There is no way around this, unless you click through your play-list manually (which takes forever!) or alter it on your computer somehow(who does such a thing). This would have been a great feature to have. #3 of suckiness: The earphones again! The reason the earphones are not viewable is because, if you saw them, you would not purchase this piece of .

  • Liam's Nana - Swarovski ornaments make great gifts

    I have been giving these ornaments as gifts since 1999. They are packaged well to ship and store. Most of all they are beautiful! If you're familiar with Swarovski, they have that lovely special sparkle. It's always a treat to see what design they've come up with each year!

  • Love to read - Save your money. Not the solution I was hoping for.

    This has caused me to vomit twice in the middle of the night. Was not sure what it was due to the first time but last night was awful and not only did I vomit at 1:30 am but I was throwing PVC's, which I have had as a side effect before and are not fun to feel. I keep trying as I want to feel better from this dang systemic candida but save your money. I had hope but as always, I have to try for myself and this was not it.

  • Steve - Works like a charm in my 2002 Ford Escape

    This was a really simple install. On my car (and a few other models) you need to trim off a couple of the mounding pieces, but it is very easy to do and causes no problems with the look of the hardware. It clicks right into place and holds my new radio in there perfectly. Sometimes it can get a little loose on one of the corners, but with a little thumb push it's just fine. The little shelf is a nice addition too, and let's me store some CDs or my phone right there close at hand.