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  • Chef Adrienne - An excellent product, well worth its price

    These Systane Ultra eye drops are the fastest working and longest lasting eye drops I have ever used. An excellent product, well worth its price.

  • Daria Shulishova - Gassy baby and no increase in supply

    I was hoping it would work but it did not. I have finished half of the bottle and have noticed no increase in my supply. I have also noticed that my baby started being very fussy and gassy after I started taking it so I'm going to stop now and won't finish the bottle. Sadly it's just a waste of money in my case

  • D. Connelly - Kind of disappointed

    My current backpack of choice is a High Sierra single strap backpack. I got this one since I thought it would be the same as my other backpack, but have two straps. There are a couple things that sadly are not the same. The main compartment doesn't have a padded divider. Since I use my backpack mostly to carry around my laptop, a padded divider would have been a HUGE plus. The second thing is that the compartment meant for your iPod (or other mp3 player of your choice) is the same plasticy fabric that lines rest of the backpack. In my single strap High Sierra, it had soft fabric for that compartment which definitely prevented scratching. The yolk at the top between the two straps is uncomfortable. I can feel it pressing against my back. Maybe I just haven't adjusted it correctly yet. Those things aside, it still has the same high quality construction and has plenty of room. Maybe once I break it in a bit more I'll be happier with it.