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  • Smithie13 - Very happy woman

    I told my husband to get this vacuum for me for Mother's day, and although he double checked to make sure I did in fact want a household cleaning item as my present, he got it. I was so excited to use it. My other vacuum has been slowly dying over the last few months. This thing works as well as it claims too. It doesn't cover the space that my old one did, but since I had to go over the same spot multiple times with my old one, I'll take this one. I swear my carpet even felt fluffier when I was done. The amount of stuff it picked up was gross, but in a good way. Half my house is wood and tile floors and it takes just one switch to go from carpet to wood and worked just as good on the hard floors. I may have only used it once, but so far, I'm in love.

  • bfly_gal - First a supplement then strictly formula

    My baby was in the NICU for the first 10 days and didn't eat for the first few days, just IV fluids. I still wasn't making enough of anything, so they had to supplement with Enfamil newborn. They would give him the little bit of colustrum I had, but it was so little. He tolerated it well. I was never able to put him to breast because of him being in the NICU, so I exclusively pumped. After about day 5 in the NICU, he got all breastmilk. He got this for about 10 days and my husband and I decided to supplement some formula at night because it just wasn't staying with him that long. Exclusively pumping was VERY difficult and at 3 weeks, my husband and I decided it was not worth the stress and "time away" from the family because I was pumping so much. We have him on this Enfamil Newborn and absolutely love it. I could see though as he grows and gets bigger, we will have to make a switch to probably the Enfamil Lipil (praying it works well on his stomach) around 8 weeks, especially at night. Right now, he is still getting breastmilk during the day, I have enough stored for at least a week or so, maybe even longer. I feel bad for stopping the pumping, but we are comfortable with this enfamil newborn. We love it!

  • JoAnne - Last all day

    My hair was coarse & fizzy due to really humid weather in Asia & a bad japanese straightening treatment. I could see the difference the 2nd day of using it! I still need to go through the whole process (wash hair, 12 Benefits, brow dry, flat iron & hair smoothing oil) every morning. but it LASTS ALL DAY! YEAH!!!

  • Grandma D - This program has problems!

    I have made many purchases from Amazon and this is the first one that has given me a lot of trouble. It is as if there are 2 programs in one in the Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2014. The card part of it (cards) works just fine - but it is impossible to print the calendar using the conventional method. When I click on the Print button to print a calendar this message comes up" Open Default Printer Fails - 1801" I made sure that all of the settings were correct - the proper printer etc. but no success. I enlisted the help of my engineer son who installed CutePDF which basically bypasses the print instruction, saves the calendar and then allows you to print from the save mode. This is way too much trouble. Since this is a new version I am hoping that Hallmark will fix this because I don't have time to monkey around with a program that has built in glitches. Otherwise I have used the Card Studio programs for years and have been very satisfied with them.