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  • Amazon Customer - This is the best keyboard I have ever owned

    This is the best keyboard I have ever owned. Period. It's really not hard to say that. I was considering this or the Corsair K90 and when comparing the two in person, I really enjoy the feel of Razer's custom mechanicals compared to the Cherry Reds in the K90. The lighting and effects are by far superior. And it's just an awesome all around product with the added support of Razers Software to map keystrokes and change the lighting effects. The customizability of the lighting effects is amazing, it'll keep you busy for a while.

  • Yardape - A quiet garbage disposal

    This unit was a direct plug and play for the Kenmore it replaced. The output tube aligned directly with the existing plumbing which made it super easy. I didn't have to remove the old sink mount which was an insinkerator mounted to the old Kenmore. The disposer is heavy and aligning the collars while holding it in the air could have been pretty rough. Instead I was able to place the disposer on top of 2 4x4 blocks of wood. That put it only an inch under the connection and enabled me to push it straight up and in and lock it into the mount. Since I already had the old one out when the new one arrived the whole thing took me 20:00 minutes at most. A lot has been expressed about the noise level. While it is quieter, who cares? Who's running their garbage disposal overnight? Truthfully the only reason I bought this unit from Amazon was because it was not available in local stores. Had it been, the $10 I saved would not have been worth the inconvenience of being without a kitchen sink while waiting for it to arrive. The old one died late Friday night, I researched and ordered the InSinkErator on Sunday morning and received it Tuesday around 4:00 p.m. A few people have posted that the rubber gasket does not let water flow fast enough and that the sink backs up with water. I did not find this to be the case. In some cases homeowners may have the valve that regulates the water coming into their house adjusted to high. I had this problem a couple years ago. When a plumber replaced it after it failed he told me that having that valve adjusted with increased water pressure can make other in-home valves as well as dishwasher and washing machines fail prematurely. It makes sense. I also noted that the photos from purchasers back in 2007 showed a much nicer drain plug that had stainless steel trim. The one that came with mine was a cheap piece of plastic that will get thrown under the sink and probably never seen again. There has also been much written about the fact that it comes without a power cord. You shouldn't need one unless your existing cable is worn out or you're doing a brand new installation rather than a replacement..

  • vicky - Did absolutely nothing!

    I used up the whole bottle along with the day and night cream. Save your money! I get better results with Olay.

  • Maureen Moir - Big Disappointment

    I bought this edition but find when I go to make a calendar it will not change the date when requested. I do not see any way to get this fixed so am very unhappy with my purchase, I have had older editions of Hallmark and loved them so am very disappointed.

  • Reenee - Easy to install, right price!

    I purchased this product for an online college class and also because I had upgraded my laptop to Windows 8 and I wanted the newest version of this application. Price is right and I was very pleased with the installation. In previous versions, you have to know what the configurations are and set them correctly or it doesn't work. This one configures behind the scenes and fits much more closely with plug and play. While it takes a while to load, once loaded it is ready to use.

  • Amazon.Buyer - My goto spray now for moldy areas

    I bought this to eliminate the moldy smell that was starting to develop in my basement. I recently had an incident where water from my kitchen sink over flowed into the basement and got the baseboards wet. I ran the dehumidifier for a few days hoping that nothing would go wrong, but unfortunately, a month or so later, I could smell mold spores when I opened the basement door.