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  • S. Horwatt - The problem with "best of" collections...

    ...is that they depend heavily on who is defining "best." This year's "The Best American Short Stories" was edited by Elizabeth Strout, and I think that's the main reason for my lukewarm reaction to it. I've only read one of Ms. Strout's novels, but I found it a little overwritten and self-consciously stylistic, and that's how a lot of these stories struck me. There's not much here that I would actually say is bad, but there's also not a lot that I would actually say is great, either. Many of the stories rely on some writing device or other (such as a section of the story being told in the form of a play, to show that the characters are "acting") that may be fresh or even a bit clever, at the expense of there being much substance to the story.

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    This is a great guide to finding graduate schools in Psychology. It helped me in my master's and I hope it helps with going to my PhD.

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