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  • Annette - The GAPs diet ( this book) saved my life.

    This is a terrific book. I use it every day and have found the information it provides very beneficial. I did not realize that the autoimmune condition that I have had progressed to the point of my severe illness. I thought I was dying. With this book and the information it provided me I was able to get a handle on my health and start my recovery. I have since found a natural path doctor that practices the gaps method for health and I'm finally feeling better. This book changed my life for the better. Dr. Mcbride is awesome.

  • B. Marble - For Hardcore Hair-Resurrectionists

    I first found out about this stuff after attempting to bleach several year's worth of black dye out of my naturally blonde hair (no one who knows what they're talking about will ever recommend that you try this, myself included). I had managed to get it to yellow-blonde but I'd gone too fast, managed to burn a lot of my hair off with chemicals (bleaching should be done every few weeks at most, not twice in one week (never again)) and what remained was in a state of near-breakage. I didn't even touch it for fear of it all falling off like some poorly plotted after school special about the horrors of alternative hair color.

  • michael cosby - amazon is great for that

    awful video quality, I dont know where these people that posted videos got this, but definitely not from this pen. I did get a refund, however, amazon is great for that.

  • Pookie Jones - Cleaned up the FZ07s Booty

    Very good price for this and mines included 4 turn signals... You will need to buy OEM adapters for the FRONT turn signals