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  • Traci - Followed Directions Exactly - Will NOT Download!

    I should have listened to the other reviewers who reported that they could not download this program. I followed the downloading directions exactly. I have been trying to get this to download on my brand new Windows 10 computer for the past several hours. It is stuck at 87% and will not completely download. Ugh! I do NOT recommend this program.

  • Ryan - Build mass, keep lean

    I have been extremely satisfied with this protein. Great product for building mass and keeping lean. Low calories and high protein. Can't beat it!

  • shaebuhbay - I've become obsessed with a few of the authors out ...

    I've become obsessed with a few of the authors out of this year's edition. From Rushdy to Briere to Sedaris to Solnit, there are so many interesting styles and this edition should be in every writer's inventory.

  • Ron Morgan - Very pleased - performs better than I expected

    I purchased this UPS to replace two individual units that provide backup power and conditioning to our entertainment center. I have been using this for a while now, and have experienced numerous power fluctuations and outages, and it works like a charm. It can provide power to my 42" television, audio system,and cable box for about 30 minutes. This gives me plenty of time to start the generator. Actually, for the price Amazon charges for this you would probably spend close to that just replacing a couple of batteries in an old UPS.

  • nnelg - No benefit

    I bought this based on the reasonable reviews it had received but have used it for about 3 months now, with no noticeable effect. Would return the balance if I could but I'm past the return window. If you have had nail fungus for a while, and it's fairly advanced, save your money.