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  • john2105 - dissapointed with quickbooks

    Along with other problems i had with the software, just received a notice that i need to upgrade from 2007 version to 2010 within 4 weeks, for $159.00

  • Cape Coddess - Leaks!

    OK, so when I bought this mid July I had read all the reviews on problems with leaking. I thought, they can't possibly still do that, the company surely would have fixed it by now. NOT! Mine leaks like a sieve...all over the place. Whatta a mess! And it gets inside the blender behind a plastic wall and into the motor, all places where you can't get to it to clean it. I'm going to attempt to return it and try again because I use it daily and I love the way it blends. But the mess has finally gotten the best of me.

  • Robert - Suprisingly quiet and efficient

    I was very nicely surprised with how (comparatively) quiet this generator was working on small, enclosed patio (brick walls) and right outside the window. When initially set up, only a refrigerator was connected (very little load) and the generator used barely any gas. Need to remember to check oil every time gas tank is refilled.

  • frog lungs - Liquid Ass - works so well, your girlfriend will want to break up with you!!

    *^*PRANK #1 *^* - I sprayed this stuff while I was shopping with my girlfriend. She went into the changing rooms and I stayed outside. I got bored so I let loose on this Liquid Ass. I sprayed it all over the changing rooms. Not only did the staff get so confused as to where it was coming from, they brought the custodian staff to clean up the area.

  • elise glatzer - Will NEVER allow myself be treated like that again

    Very pushy salesmen!!! I felt bullied and being a bit shy I bought in order to escape the two salesman aggressively tag teaming me. Will NEVER allow myself be treated like that again. Boycott this product. Can't say I see any results from what I bought. They start at a ridiculously high price and drop it and push tell your exhausted.

  • Kathleen Nelson - This would be great if you have a navigator to check out the ...

    This would be great if you have a navigator to check out the exits, which I don't. So I would have to plan my stops at the start of the day so I know in advance where I want to stop. If you have a navigator this would be a great help.