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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Amazon Customer - Love the size of this

    Love the size of this. I can fit lots of food in it. I love the hard casing inside. It keeps my ice packs and food cold. The color is also great to keep the sun from absorbing more heat.

  • Sloan - Weathertech IS the GOODS!

    Weathertech mats are Far & Away the best mags on the market! I've had them on a Civic and now my 13 Accord Sed. Digital fit is all I'll ever buy. They're amazing at trapping dirt of any kind and at containing water and or spills. They're extremely good looking and have a "factory" look to them. Two minor things prevent a 5 star rating. #1 the driver's side left foot area doesn't come up as high as I'd like, as it only comes up 4-6 in past the floor. This leaves the e brake petal area (if u will) uncovered and limits stretching on a road trip, again, a small gripe. #2 is the same concept below the driver's seat beginning. The back most part of the mat, going away from the steering wheel, is very shallow and barely comes off the floor at all. There is no hinderence from Weathertech making this place come higher, as it would not interfere w anything. Again, this is small, but IF u were to spill a large drink, u would have to VERY carefully remove the mat, in order to avoid getting liquid on your carpets. Weathertech is the goods and every car owner that cares about their vehicle at all, should purchase a full set of mats as soon as the buy a vehicle, if not before;). This would've been a 4.5 star review if that were an option.

  • Dorothy - Awesome doesn't begin to describe it!

    It arrived at 11:30 from amazon and after laying my grandsons down for their naps I dug in! Comfy chair with a blanket over my legs, bottle of water beside me and this amazing book in my hands I was ready. Well by the time the boys woke up at 3:30 I was halfway through it. I have to admit I made my husband deal with them until their mom came because I couldn't put the book down. It was like I could hear her voice telling a story.

  • Heather Frampton - Bad Disc...Error Message...Shameful

    Attempted to install the program and received an error message. Went to Hallmark tech help and they said the disk is bad. Shame on Amazon for sending faulty equipment! Too bad I opened it too late to be within the return policy guidelines. I am hoping Hallmark will be more helpful than Amazon! Fair warming - sometimes things are too good to be true.

  • Amazon Customer - Great value

    Always order these cartridges for our small business, much cheaper than the large retail stores! Just as effective!

  • RU7H1333 - Great as a diaper bag!

    I use this as a diaper bag. We cloth diaper and the extra space is excellent for fitting a lot of cloth diapers and the extra compartments are great for cloth wipes and extras!

  • Melissa Thebeast - It was getting pretty annoying dealing with them

    This stuff worked. My dog kept bringing in fleas from the giant hoard of rabbits that live on the grounds of my apartment complex. It was getting pretty annoying dealing with them. After I put this on her twice, she and my apartment are flea-free. Bonus is the fact that she smells overwhelmingly of cedar. I hope you like to be beaten about the face and head with the smell of pungent, pungent cedar. Nevertheless, basking in the stench of cedar is better than battling fleas, plus its natural. I recommend this.