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Holistic Medicine Near Philadelphia | Narberth Family Medicine - A holistic medicine practice in the Philadelphia area, led by Dr. Andrew Lipton. Specializing in osteopathic manipulation, prolozone therapy, and thermography.

  • http://drandrewlipton.com/about-our-holistic-alternative-medical-practice/ About Narberth Family Medicine - Narberth, PA - Narberth Family Medicine is a holistic medical practice offering Nutrition & Dietary Counseling, Herbology, Enzyme Therapy and other alternative treatments.
  • http://drandrewlipton.com/holistic-alternative-medical-services/ Services - Dr. Andrew Lipton - Dr Andrew Lipton specializing in alternative complimentary & holistic medicine. Breast Thermography, Prolozone, Ozone, Chelation, and Bio Identical Hormones
  • http://drandrewlipton.com/holistic-alternative-medical-services/stem-cell-therapy/ Stem Cell Therapy - Dr. Andrew Lipton - Stem cell therapy promotes tissue regeneration, reduces pain, and can treat chronic illnesses. Visit Dr. Lipton just outside of Philadelphia, PA.
  • http://drandrewlipton.com/holistic-alternative-medical-services/alternative-medical-thermography/early-detection-breast-thermography/ Breast thermography Breast Cancer Detection, Early Detection - Thermal Breast Imaging. Digital Infrared Breast Thermography. Narberth, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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  • greimalkin - not the best cartoons...

    I don't like returning things so I just kept it. It didn't come in shrink wrap inside though, so I could have gone to a bookstore and browsed it first. Maybe I will do that next year :p

  • Sarah Pettersson - Nice for the price.

    I have medium, wavy hair. It's a middle between thin and thick and I was able to straighten my hair decently in 15 minutes. I did have to run it through my hair a few times but overall I'm pleased. It makes getting ready quicker. I'm not sure how it'll work on other hair, though.

  • Chaya Brenan - I do break out using this product. I have ...

    I do break out using this product. I have been using it for a year and am positive there is something in this that isn't compatible with my skin. I also have normal skin with minimal problems but use this to fight dryness caused by extreme cold. I know that they have since reformulated the product and called it Renewed hope in a jar... maybe try that one? I will be looking for a different moisturizer.

  • Ava Stella - Great Product, the real thing

    The item is great, I got it at a fraction of the price of what they sell it for in Vegas! I still have the one I bought from vegas, they are the same.

  • Tiffany H. - *****

    Absolutely epic! No one writes love-hate like Penelope Douglas. This is by far my favourite book of 2016. Steamy, toe-curling, angsty, swoonworthy, witty goodness! I love Misha and Ryan hard!! It's definitely a one-sitting read so prepare to read cover to cover once you start and finish with a massive book hangover that doesn't quit!!! But so worth it!

  • DesertGurls - Best Period Product EVER!!!

    All my life I've worn tampons. Even after I gave birth naturally I continued to wear tampons for almost 5 years without any issues. Then, all of the sudden, my tampons stopped staying in. I would've expected this issue right after my daughter was born, but five years later? And after 15+ years of experience with tampons? I couldn't understand how this was possible. I tried every single brand available, I tried different inserting techniques, I tried lubes, I tried everything and without fail, my tampon would slip completely out of my body within hours of inserting it. I also started having issues with leaks, even though my tampon was barely full.

  • Amazon Customer - Pleasantly surprised

    When I received the SpyCrushers Spy Camera pen, I was impressed by the sleek look and light weight. It was great to use as a pen. Fine point, just like I want in my pens. Star 1. I charged the pen overnight as I always do with my toys. I connected it to my computer and modified the time.txt file with the current date and time. I disconnected the pen and took a few photos. BTW, the power on/off sequence and the take photo and record videos were straight forward and easy to remember and get use to. The time stamp showed up and I was impressed again, this time by the quality of the photo. Star 2. I slid the pen into my shirt pocket and walked into my pharmacy and picked up a prescription. I was also impressed by the quality of the video. It was raining and I could see the raindrops in front of the camera. Cool. Star 3. The image of the pharmacist who waited on me was sharp and clear and I could almost see her in front of me. Star 4. I initially had difficulty connecting it to my computer and have it be recognized. I responded to the welcome email from the owner about the problem. I subsequently discovered it was because I was trying to use a generic USB cable instead of the one supplied. Remember to use the cable supplied by SpyCrushers. The owner responded immediately and offered assistance. Star 5. I thoroughly recommend this product at this fantastic price.