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  • Robby R. - Great clubs (just not for me)

    I ordered these clubs two nights ago, and they arrived tonight. After unwrapping the clubs from their packaging (plastic sleeves on the shafts and bubble wrap around the heads of all of the clubs), I took a couple of practice swings with the 7 iron. I can tell already that I'm not going to be able to comfortably use these clubs. They're great looking and seem very solid, not cheap at all. But they're too short for me.

  • L. Caetano - Better than an antibiotic!

    I get frequent UTI's and they are very uncomfortable. I have used all the AZO products every time I get them. They always work very well! Within about a 1/2 hour the pain and urgency to urinate is gone. I also take their cranberry pills to get rid of the actual infection and it does wonders for me. I basically use all their products along with drinking plenty of water and cranberry juice on top of taking the cranberry pills and it is GONE! No antibiotics or doctor visit needed,

  • Alfred S. Deschaine - Worked exactly as advertised.

    Worked as advertised. Pleasantly surprised as how my outdoor chairs, as well as the shutters on the all came looking new. Will definitely recommend this product. As a matter of fact, I already have.