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  • Thomas Tee - skin peeling

    The product is working for my type of hair loss but causes my skin to peel. I've had two barbers refuse me thinking I have infection. I have stopped use. Friends and neighbors were asking me about my disease, which was infact my scalp peeling.

  • P. H. - Fits like a glove, easy to install

    Everything they say about this little safe is true. I have the combo lock model. Installation was as described. There is plenty of room for my S&W 640, several holsters and some tools. I attached a holster to the left inside of the safe to hold the 640 in upright in place. I definitely feel comfortable leaving my valuables in the truck in a parking lot. Good product.

  • Barbara W. Schaper - Worked for me

    I have tried so many different over the counter treatments. This is the only one that helps my skin. Excellent.

  • Jessie from VA - Wouldnt be without my Manuka Honey

    I have(had!) terrible GERD from years of Fosomax/Boniva (my "pre" education years). Also contracted horrible yeast infection from way too many antibiotics from narrowly-focused Western medicine doctors.

  • Rev. John Gudikunst - Joe Bones delivers some of his best with every live performance

    Joe Bones delivers some of his best with every live performance, and his "coming home" party at the Greek is simply amazing!

  • Julie P. - Underarm Whitening Cream by Shouvy

    This is an Underarm Whitening Cream by Shouvy. The jar contained 1.69 ounces / 50 g. Made in China.