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  • Drake - These are fantastic brushes! I’m not new to the world of ...

    These are fantastic brushes! I’m not new to the world of brushes, I actually have A LOT of brushes. This set is one of my favorite sets! When you get them, make sure you wash them to get the plastic smell out. Just take the brush and swirl it in some warm water with soap. Do not let water touch where the bristles connect to the brush, you don’t want to ruin them! After rinsing, just lightly squeeze with a towel (don’t twist the bristles!) and then let them air dry. You do want to wash these about once a week if you use them daily, maybe every two weeks. This will keep your brushes clean and bacteria free. It will also help with getting that caked on make up off, so your applications are much nicer!

  • Valentin Bejar - Excellent appliance

    Great!!!! Love the quick banana shakes. Easy to clean, don't have to be rocket scientist to put to use. Love it.

  • Kopaka Nuva - This is a really great game despite what others say

    This is a really fun game. After completing the first mission of getting the donuts you are free to explore and do whatever you want in the first part of the city. I spent over an hour driving around building buildings and finding new cars and costumes. It was really funny watching the construction vehicles go off the jump. I felt it was like a good guy version of Grand Theft Auto with Legos.