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  • McKev22 - My final year after a decade

    I have used Quickbooks Pro since 2002 and upgraded every year. I have just upgraded my 2010 to Quickbooks Pro 2011 and the Data Protect is the final straw. It slows my computer down like no other program has ever done. I will limp through this year while evaluating other financial business programs. If they continue to bilk customer with forced pay-for-use services next year they have lost another 10 year customer. I have already began recommending others to stay away.

  • LovetoCook - Second place wine preserver by Cooks Illustrated

    Easy to operate, with no learning curve. I'm not a wine expert, so I wouldn't notice the difference on my palate if it wasn't doing its job, but Cook's Illustrated rated it very highly, so I assume that it is working :)

  • KEVIN DURANT - Poor performance

    I had a creator product in the past and that software was great. I assumed because of it's predessors I would hang my hat on that reputation, however it would appear that limited in its abilities and software probroblems right out the box. Returned the product because I could not get it to work.

  • Elyce - Acne and dark spots? This is it!

    LOVE THESE PRODUCTS. I am an Esthetician and educator and I tried these products for my problematic acne prone skin. Gentle but effective blend of ingredients. Excellent results.

  • Mary A. Veney - Love them!

    My Husband and I both take them and we are both getting rid of some fat. I am serious! With both of us disabled it is hard to get much exercise and of course we have allowed the junk food junkies into our lives to eat . The Lipozene really does help! ALOT! We are both losing a couple pounds a week. Serious....try'll love it!!