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  • S. Smith - Intuit and Quickbooks - LAME

    I was a reseller of accounting software for years. Quickbooks purportedly is an accounting package, payroll is a function of accounting, and tax tables are essential in payroll functioning properly. I have to pay $400 for tax tables updates? Exactly how often does the IRS update these? Yearly? This is a scare tactic that supports Intuits greed run. I was a customer and you have likely lost me. The upsells and greed have gone over the top, and it's clear that this is the majorities opinion now.

  • R. Rivera - Gets the job done.

    I needed this textbook for one of the computer courses I was taking at my school, and didn't want to pay it's full price at the book store on my campus. Thankfully through this seller I found the very book I needed at a great price. As for the content of the book, its simple and easy to understand. Nothing remotely difficult to comprehend, it is a book designed for those that aren't computer savvy or have any knowledge before hand. (Like I said I needed for a course, but I am in no way new to computers, in fact I'm quite the opposite) That said, it's a good buy and I will likely buy from the same seller in the future if I find great deals on textbooks that I need to acquire for school.

  • Jo Anna Moseley - They look great, easy to put on

    They look great, easy to put on, and delivered quickly. Very pleased. My other Toyota hubcaps were falling apart and looked terrible. These were a great price to replace the expensive Toyota brand.

  • XMAN76 - disappointed

    I received my antenna went out to the garage and tried installing it. It did not fit my 2013 Explorer.

  • A. Shahrokni - Finally sth is working!

    I'm 30 years of age and tried many medications from herbal to rogane without any help and the side effects were troublesome. Anyway, once hairmax was approved by FDA, I gave it a try. It's been 4 months that I'm using it. For Thanks Giving I visited my sisters whom haven't seen me in one year. They were shocked by the change in the my hair. The good thing is hairmax doesn't irritate the scalp. It's not hair transplant for sure but for about 300-500$ it really worth it. The only concern that I have is long term use of hairmax and its side effects. Unfortunately there is no way to tell in long run what side effect hairmax has, but till then I'm happy with hairmax.

  • anonymoss - Not as strong as it used to be...

    I think they've changed the formula. The same can, same logo, what appeared to be the same product inside purchased in the 1990's was a lot stronger than what they sell today. Maybe what I received was just old product but my purchase made me switch to a different polish all together.

  • 1 OC Girly Girl - DO NOT BUY ZETACLEAR

    Zeta Clear is a scam. They get you to buy 2 to 5 bottles of there product. The liquid you apply to the nail did nothing. They also, give you a liquid you are suppose to drink. I was very skeptical and did not drink their Kool-aid.