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  • Kaoutar Burrell - The Worst Product on Earth and Venus.

    Absolutely horrible. I tried the product and used it faithfully for 6 months hoping something would work. Instead of making my acne better, it made it considerably worse. I've been suffering from acne since i was 12, i'm 28 now and i believed the sales pitch seen in the infomercials. what a fool i was. to make it worse, i ordered from proactiv themselves.


    The program is sooo easy to use. Imput the hours and the program does the rest. At end of month, all the information is there at your fingertips!

  • LadyNai - For years I have struggled with nails that have peeled and chipped easily - I type nonstop for work and working on ...

    So I did have a small amount of skepticism with these but I don't have too much of it at this point.

  • Monica - Fraud

    It is a coplete fraud, I was charged over $80 when the advertisement says 24.99 and when I asked for my fully refund that was advertised they don't return everything and we have to pay shipping to return. I will personally never recommend this product 1st is really bad,2nd this is a fraud all they do is charge your account without asking.