Cryopraxis | O maior banco privado de sangue de cordão umbilical do Brasil. - O sangue de cordão umbilical do seu bebê é riquíssimo em células-tronco. Descubra por que é tão importante armazená-las com a maior especialista no assunto.

  • Cryopraxis | Área do cliente - É cliente Cryopraxis? Acesse conteúdos e funcionalidades exclusivas no portal, como emissão de boletos, contratos e acompanhamento das mensalidades.
  • Cryopraxis | O que fazemos? - A Cryopraxis coleta e armazena as células-tronco provenientes do sangue de cordão umbilical. Além de líder no segmento, a Empresa investe em pesquisas para ampliar o número de doenças tratáveis com células-tronco. Confira o que fazemos.
  • Cryopraxis | Empresa - A Cryopraxis é o primeiro e maior banco privado de sangue de cordão umbilical do Brasil, com aproximadamente 40 mil amostras armazenadas. Conheça.
  • Cryopraxis | Encontre-nos - A Cryopraxis tem sua sede instalada no Rio de Janeiro, e realiza coletas em todo o território nacional. Localize o posto de atendimento mais próximo.
  • Cryopraxis | Notícias - Informe-se sobre a Cryopraxis, células-tronco e os últimos avanços da medicina neste segmento. Confie esse serviço a quem entende.
  • Cryopraxis | Cursos de gestantes - A Cryopraxis promove e apoia eventos para gestantes em todo o Brasil. Esclareça suas principais dúvidas sobre cuidados com o bebê antes e depois da gestação
  • Cryopraxis | Contato - Quer contratar ou falar com a Cryopraxis? Acesse aqui os canais de atendimento.

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  • Alexander's Mom - OMG formula works fine after stirring...

    I purchased this when I ran out of the Instantly Ageless Facelift in the white bottle. I noticed that there were 3 different packaging styles for the same product and wasn't sure it they were all the same or not. Although I was very satisfied with the white bottle product and it did wonders for my undereye puffiness, unfortunately this "new formula" doesn't seem to do the same job. It's thinner and doesn't diminish the bags nearly as effectively. In fact, I can hardly tell a difference when I use it. With the 'white product" the difference was immediate once it had dried and made my eyes look a lot younger.

  • Sentinel Angel 3 - Don't let the words "drop tested" fool you!

    Very slow, and Apps keep freezing up. As for the drop proof, don't let them fool you! They make it sound like it's protected from getting broke when dropped, but it's not. What they really mean, is when the glass breaks, it's coated so it won't hurt your child. I am thankful for that, but my grandson dropped his, and the front glass broke. They would not offer a replacement. The only thing they would offer me was a free game download valued at $5.99, or a replacement for only $10 LESS than what I paid for it. Seriously? For the price you pay, and the way they make it sound as if it is "drop tested" I feel is misrepresenting the product, and makes many parents think it is shatterproof, like I thought. I emailed customer service, and they were not very caring at all. My grandson who is 8, was very upset. I will not be purchasing ANY LeapFrog products again.