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  • Sarah Wiley - Yes, They Are for Real

    This book was so genuine just as Chip and Joanna Gaines are. They told it like it was and I know this because some of what they shared was not a story you would share unless it was true. I enjoyed this book so much because not only was it easy listening and told in a good story form but I felt like I was learning from their experiences as well.

  • Carolyn Legg - My 10 year old was on inhalers for seasonal allergies ...

    My 10 year old was on inhalers for seasonal allergies before we found this product. As long as she starts on a daily regimen of taking one of these a day for a month before the allergy season hits, her allergy symptoms are mild or nonexistent.

  • alejandro vergara - A let down

    The other seasons have ledt me scared and made me sleep with all of the lights on. Not so for this season. It is lacking suspense and authenticity.

  • Michelle Johnson - Don't even realize you're eating healthy

    So impressed with this cookbook! Usually low cal recipies leave a lot to be desired, but I don't even feel like I'm missing out with these! Most are recipies my husband enjoys, too!

  • Amazon Customer - Really not that impressed.

    It stays put and makes my mouse move butter-smooth. The size is more than enough to maneuver a mouse.

  • David Hayden - Big Fan of Cookbook-Style Books

    I enjoy cookbook-style development books. First, they are a great way to learn new language and .NET Framework Features that you may not normally be exposed to. Second, they are all about the code, which means the code is typically of much better quality than you will normally find in introductory books and code snippets on the Internet. Third, they literally pay for themselves because they solve common problems that you will no doubt run into during day-to-day development and often this code gets added to your personal libraries and used from project-to-project. And, last, they are much more enjoyable to read as you can jump around and learn about problems and their solutions that interest you or relate to a current project.