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  • ELI LILLY- THE EVISTA PROJECT | Don't miss term paper writing tips for university students! - Lilly is one of the most established pharmaceutical company who earned a lot of profits through their product Prozac, which is an effective medicine for
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  • Jade Allen - We love just dance but why is it so expensive to ...

    We love just dance but why is it so expensive to get more songs, I bought a 60 dollar game I shouldn't have to pay more for songs on the disc.

  • Ebenezer S. - Don't be a sucker.

    What a rip off. This guy is trying to ride the great Donald Trump's coattails to sell a crappy book he obviously threw together in a weekend. This is a whole lot of nothing.

  • WillowJule - Does work for Pokemon Go BUT

    I give this 3 stars because it is a nice phone. Way better than the phone I had before and u honestly can't beat that price.

  • Jeremy M. - Fantastic introductory book for the individual investor

    I've found this book very useful and informative; I came into reading the book with a relatively limited knowledge base of the stock market and have found this book to be a very good introduction to investing strategies and the stock market, in general.

  • KlaszLady - Broad View of Italy

    This is an excellent book when used in conjunction with Steves' detailed editions for the cities you plan to visit. We used our Rick Steves' guides to Florence and Rome even more than this book. His guide books definitely made our trip more enjoyable and less stressful. We used his advice to book hotels, search for restaurants and find some "little known, but not to be missed" sites. The foldout maps included are excellent and come in handy when walking the cities. It was amazing how many people we saw in every town with a Steves' book in their hands. Hopefully, he will publish a full book on Sicily, because the sites in Sicily were the most memorable of our entire European trip and the people (except Palermo) were wonderful and so anxious to show us their island.

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome Album

    I love this album! I would recommend to anyone looking for real rap music. It is captivating, the sound, the rhymes, everything flowed together. The lyrics were not about making money and hoes, but real things that happen in the life in the hood. Awesome keep it up Jermaine

  • Frances Lee Carlson - my review

    love to make cards with it! very easy to use! another high quality product! will buy it again in 2 years!