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  • MVon - Helped long time allergy sufferer

    My main allergy is dust. I took allergy shots for five years and they didn't help. I resigned myself to taking an anti-histamine pill each day forever, and then I tried D-Hist. It really does help. On occasion I still get a killer sinus headache and have to take an anti-histamine pill but 90% of the time the D-Hist takes care of the problem.

  • Robert T. Dubois - They way is should have come.

    These are very nice and give my Red 2012 Grand Cherokee the style that should have come factory direct. Coupled with my new Westin Bull-Bar my GC looks oh so nice. I was able to install these in five minutes without tools. Some have complained that these are plastic and indeed they are, but so is the part it's meant to replace. Don't go with any cheaper aftermarket products as the fittings are exact and wont leave you wishing you spent a little more.

  • Jenny - This little tube will last a pretty decent amount of time

    I apply this with a q-tip and it does what it is meant to do. I have had to use this as a glitter glue in an emergency, and it doubled as that as well. This little tube will last a pretty decent amount of time.