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  • Isha Coleman - Passionate and magnetic ....

    A decadent tale of love lust and blatant sensuality are the words to best sum up Seducing the Marquess. Can a marriage built on etiquette survive the storm brewing behind closed Doors? Eugenia is willing to break all the rules in order to gain her husband love, but will she end up breaking her own heart in the process? Bring on the naughty. It's getting hot in here. Passion, confusion and romance are the driving force behind this steamy but magnetic love story.

  • ErinPreads - Love this workout! Down 12 lbs and 14 inches so far!

    I am currently on week 4 of the Beta disks, and I am loving these workouts. I am a busy mom and student, and I have had trouble losing weight after baby #2 (let's not talk about how old that baby is now!) So far, I have lost 12 lbs and over 14 inches all over my body! I've also dropped two pants sizes. I had almost zero strength in my abs after having kids, and I'm getting that back with these workouts.

  • Fastphoto - Will not work properly

    First I installed NXT in a Windows 8.1 Pro Computer and everything appeared to work. I purchase about 8 Audio Books a month and record them on one of my computers. So I did try to record one of my audio books using my Windows 8.1 Pro computer BUT after about 3 to 5 minutes it stopped responding. As there was no rush I waited until the next day and a reboot I tried again with the same results.

  • Shopaholic - Just ok razor

    This razor is average. I honestly think that the ones from the dollar shave club are so much better. I just don't find a super close shave with these, they were like using a double blade. Won't be purchasing again

  • C. Lee - Why can't someone make a better program than this

    Every three years Intuit forces us to get the next over-bloated, ram intensive, verision of this program. All done in the name of "upgrades". Oh, and if you don't want to upgrade...well, you can't use online banking anymore, and who needs that, right?