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  • Elliot - It's okay

    This was a great ball for the first couple weeks. It was definitely very hard, but just needed to be used a while to soften up. It handled extremely well, and the colors (although I really wasn't sure to begin with) are actually super great. It may not look very pretty in the pictures - or in natural light, but under the fluorescent lighting in any gym it's beautiful.

  • Amazon Customer - cream is dry like wax. I had same cream before

    Old stock. cream is dry like wax.I had same cream before, so know how it feels when cream in normal condition.

  • Keith F Wright III - Very thorough and easy to follow book

    Very thorough and easy to follow book. For everyone complaining that the Kindle version does not include the CD or PDF copy, all you have to do is contact the publisher's customer support. They were able to send me everything in 30 seconds through an online chat session.

  • Roy Orosco - gorgeous

    This book is absolutely gorgeous and I'm enjoying reading it nightly with my daughter. Does throw a bit because its UK English and not US English (they are not the same). Overall, the stories are still great and the illustrations are wonderfully done.

  • Matthew Baillie - Great, all-around entertainment powerhouse.

    I am enjoying this product very much. I prefer this to the PS4 because it is an all around entertainment hub and not just a game console. If you're a hardcore gamer then you may not need these capabilities and the PS4's pros and cons would be a better fit for you. They have updated the console and it's features several times since its launch so they worked out the initial kinks pretty well. I use the voice controls often for tasks and navigation and they work pretty well for the most part except when there is a lot of background noise. I haven't used the motion controls for games that much but I can tell that it has improved a whole lot from the 360s Kinect. Some apps don't function all that well but I think that that is probably across all consoles due to their poor development and implementation. I highly recommend getting the Xbox One Media Remote if you use any streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Video. I also highly recommend reading reviews for games post-release before buying them. There have been a number of hyped up games that didn't turn out to be very good when they came out.