• Clavamox safe for humans - Authorsunyata Timeaug 19th 2011 Irene - Nola Was On A 14-day Course Of Antibiotics (twice A Day Clavamox).
  • Clavamox puppy - discount augmentin cheap volunteer with a cat rescue and i have a large supply of baytril, doxy, and clavamox and i'm wondering if i should administer anything before seeing the vet tonight.

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  • TheRealMcCoys - Continuing the story in grand fashion!

    Earth rising, the third in the series, definitely continues the story line in grand fashion! Continue following our reluctant heroes as they, once again, are thrust into the jaws of the "scum". A grand ride spanning 3 books thus far. I'm eagerly awaiting book 4!

  • Henry - There are better mice out there for less money.

    I just have way too many gripes with this product and it's company. This series is a direct competitor against other companies such as Dream Machines DM1 Pro and Zowie's complete lineup for the "no frills just raw esports mouse". But when you A) raise your price $10-20 higher than your competition B) offer a lower build quality which compares to a $20 mouse C) Misinform your customers about your product and shipping dates, then it starts to put a bad taste in my mouth. On Top of all that the mouse has a 500 hz refresh rate, to some that are used to that then ok but with the advancement in technology you are selling me a product that has half the response time of others. All this said I would be OK with this product if the company actually didn't bulls*** with its customers and actually priced it at $49.99 instead of its $69.99. For a lightweight, cheap build, 500hz refresh rate, 3310 sensor, with a braided cable (riiiiight braided for comp right?) this product is not worth a penny above $49.99. To me it seems that this company is just working on marketing & promotion to sell a fake image. You can get a Nixeus Revel for $45.99, DM1 Pro for $39.99, any Zowie mouse for $59.99 all still cheaper and better quality than this.

  • P. Schlegel - Quality thermometer with accurate & consistent readings.

    I purchased this thermometer for personal, home use. I am a nurse, and have used a plethora of different forehead/ear thermo thermometers. This really is no different. You must get the feel of how to use it appropriately in order to get an accurate reading, but patience & practice pays off. It's really not difficult to use. I find that it is very accurate and consistent. I am very pleased with the quality of this device, and my overall purchase experience.

  • Sigi - cartilage pain

    This product arrived fairly quickly. The shipping charge billed was much less than originally stated, which was around $20.00. My husband started to see an improvement in his shoulder pain after 7 or 9 days. He no longer has any shoulder pain. It also gave Supple to my mother for her back pain but Supple did not help at all. It will work if you have an issue with Cartilage.

  • Patrick - Interesting to read for a text book

    Interesting to read for a text book. I bought the kindle version (but no page numbers so it made referencing for my papers a challenge). I received a hard cover of the same book and found it to be well put together. A few pages of timeline for major events in emergency management would be hepfull for quick reference. Rubin knows her stuff and has put it together in a nice book that does not have the broken up feeling of many textbooks in this field.

  • Kimberly K. Browne - BEST protein shake out there

    I LOVE Body by Vi shake mix. It tastes good, & has everything you need in it. I love that I can buy it with Prime---because it saves me $20 on shipping every other month. That's $120 a year (which more than pays for the Prime). I love this stuff.

  • Olney Nate - this is really good stuff

    I've used it for years, but the best I can say for it is this story: For years I played a Yamaha Eb tuba. These horns have a characteristic issue with 2nd and 3rd valves sticking. (Don't look for Yamaha to tell you that, though!)