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  • Sheldon O. Johnson - Amazing product that gets the job done at an affordable price!!!

    This is an excellent product. It's make my windows on my vehicle look invisible and leave no streaks. I just spray on and wipe off with old newspapers and it does an amazing job.

  • Terri E. - I feel like this one works the best out of all three

    I was first introduced to this product at a hair salon. It was over $18 for one 4 oz. bottle. I've tried a couple other products that were cheaper and didn't get the same results, including Healthy. Sexy. Hair. and It's a 10. I feel like this one works the best out of all three. You might try it and have a different opinion, but I'm sticking with this one. My hair detangles quickly, and feels smooth without frizz when it's dry, and has a nice healthy shine..

  • Very Helpful! - Very Helpful!

    A friend recommended this book to me, and I must say it is a very good tool for anyone seeking to understand the relationship between food and the body. It serves as a guide to learning how insulin affects fat, and includes balanced eating methods, strategies for eating right, recipes, and even recommended snacks. The book offers unique useful tips and answers questions like How much protein is too much? and What types of fat are good for you? One tip I found interesting was the "two-hour fat window," in which the authors recommend you "eat frequently and think small" because the body will either use carbohydrates as energy or turn them into fat, so you must be careful not to eat more carbohydrates than your body can use for energy in a two-hour time period. The book also includes self-tests so you can better understand your body and its dietary needs. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is searching for a healthy, balanced way to lose weight, and anyone who is searching for a healthy, balanced way of eating.

  • John Welch - great everyday ball

    I think I am good enough to tell the difference between great balls and mediocre ones. They don't feel quite as nice as a Titleist, but at a fraction of the cost it is a great everyday ball.

  • Brianna - Worth trying for IBS

    I am 26 and have been dealing with IBS-D since I was 18. I have seen many different doctors & tried many different approaches to help in reducing my symptoms. As there is no real cure for IBS, I obviously hadn't had much luck with many of these approaches such as antispasmodics, increased fiber, etc. My only quick fix relief would come from taking Immodium. As many IBS sufferers experience, it has significantly altered my quality of life over the years from avoiding certain social functions to even avoiding food altogether. The hardest part was having to watch other people, such as my boyfriend, also constantly having to deal with "my stomach issues" as a result of needing to flee from different places once an episode set in. There didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to when an episode would occur...sometimes just thinking about having to eat while outside the comfort of my home would bring one on. Yet, certain foods such as coffee, dairy, and alcohol would almost always trigger an episode. As a teacher, I'm not able to use the bathroom whenever needed, so I tried Align after reading the positive reviews here. (I did try Digestive Advantage first, but with little success.) I am currently on week four & I am feeling better then I have ever felt before. I started having one, normal BM a day within four days of taking align & the urgency to constantly have to go within seconds of eating has subsided. I have progressively been getting better with each day-with only some bloating the first several days. In the past 4 weeks, I only had one flare up & many of my trigger foods have caused me no trouble. I know that IBS is some how affected by our body's response to our nervous system, so it can not necessarily "cure" that mental aspect of'll need to build confidence in the product and what it does. I would absolutely tell you to try this product if you are an IBS-D sufferer. It just may work in reducing your symptoms and giving you back a better quality of life like it has done for me. I wouldn't normally go out of my way to write something like this...but I feel it is important for people to see this because I know just how debilitating IBS can be for many.

  • young tato - Atomy serum

    I tried Atomy serum and my face broke out, but I continued using, since it could be from die off syndrome, where toxins coming out of the skin. After 1 week’s use, it did not happen, and my skin is tighter than ever with diminished wrinkles around the eyes.

  • Jenielf - Made for Senior by Seniors

    I don't like to exercise because classes in the health clubs are full of young people who are extremely thin! All the videos I look at are the same - young people leading young people in exercises that are fit only for the young and fit.