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  • KristinaMarie123 - Scam!!!

    I went to place the order for the introductory cost of $4.25 with the thought, if it doesn't work, I will return it. Well my order didn't even go through - you know why??? Because i had less than the $189. They were attempting to deduct the full amount, not just the $4.25. Ladies, DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT. For $200, you can get far better quality creams. Do not give this company your card number. I am so thankful that it didn't go through. Afterwards, I decided to check out the reviews. When I entered Lifecell in the search box, the words scam came up - thats never a good thing!!!

  • Mike Oertel - Works Great!

    I've used it a couple times in the rain. The sleeves are a little long, but that's okay, better than short in the rain. I really repels water, when I come in from outside, I "snap" the fabric and the water goes flying! Pockets are mesh, which someone pointed out might get eaten up by keys. It's probably to help the jacket breathe.