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  • Kristin - Received expired product twice!

    I received expired or bad product from this 2 times. I was refunded but I would not recommend purchasing this here. It was yellow and like soup instead of white and creamy and smelled like musky dirt. I did not realize it was expired at first and wore this on my face for a few hours before I had to wash it off from the smell.

  • S Naser - Love the Frankincense Essential Oil from New York Biology

    This is my first time trying Frankincense oil and I love it . I love all essential oils . Frankincense has this smokey lavender, floral smell to it. It feels good your using something that is made pure and natural with no added chemicals. I put a few drops with water into my vaporizer and pure bliss for the entire room . The smells helps you relax and puts you in a trance. This oil is not oily at all and evaporates quick but the smell still lingers for a while which I love. I only use this for therapeutic purposes but it can be uses for many other. I also took a shower and put two drops on my hands and rubbed it all over my skin for a little relaxation. Now this oil and my lavender are my new favorites. I want to mix a few drops with purified water to use as a cleaning agent. If you have a wound you can also add a drop to help it heal better. One of the best oils I have ever tried. . I received this product at a discount/free to test and try out, to give honest feedback on the quality. This review is my honest opinion

  • Jairo Cardona - Love these taillights!

    Bought them a few months ago and haven't seen any condensation in them, they seem really well made. If you read the description these are the smoke/gold edition and they look amazing in the day as well at night! The gold isn't too noticeable until you really look at the taillights due to the smoke of the cover. I'd recommend these to any 86 owner looking to swap taillights.

  • billie rae starr - best bang for the cost and saw results!

    boots says see results in 4 weeks,week 3 wrinkles seem softer,my skin feels great!im 53 and should have kept up but did not,this product is helping,downside must use 5 or6 pumps so go through it quick,all in all love it!

  • Victor - Just excellent!

    Good product, better than the competition, they think the player, and not as a money making machine only hope that in the years of life have a good catalog of games and various content for all audiences.

  • David Dardar - Worst Customer Service Ever!

    I purchased this program online from a link on Amazon for Avangate for a very good price. Unfortunately, when I purchased the product the licensing key that makes the fully functional 30-day trial version a year long subscription was not sent until 3 days later. Most normal download purchases with other companies are sent within minutes, most at the same time as the purchase confirmation email, an issue that I've never had with anyone else. I had to call PayPal and Avangate because at first I thought I'd been had, they claimed to have sent the key to one address and then I had it resent to an alternate one. When the licensing key finally arrived it didn't work and I was directed to call Bitdefender's pleasant customer service, some guy name Dan with a thick accent. Bitdefender said that the call to Avangate and PayPal created a "chargeback" forcing them to make the licensing key non-functional and to forward emails from myself, PayPal and Avangate, then the licensing key would be reactivated or a new one issued from Avangate. Once again, about a week after purchase, Avangate sent the same non-working license key, claiming that everything was settled. I received a letter from Bitdefender later asking me to forward emails between myself PayPal and Avangate, even a screenshot of my banking statement as proof of the purchase and proof that the purchase had no ongoing (chargeback) issues, which I sent, not showing account numbers, of course. How much more am I expected to send to prove my purchase?