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  • Amazin - I wish I could love them

    The E5 is a terrific value especially for mid handicappers looking for good distance and control at a can't beat price. I had been using the Top Flite Gamer for two years, but the E5 is an all around better ball. You can easily get two rounds out of them unless you go OB! My only wish is for the ball to check up better on the greens. I'm about to test out the B330-RXS to see if it has more stopping power. Right now you can get them for $30 a dozen thru Amazon when you buy two dozen. The 2dz should give me enough opportunity to see if the higher priced ball really makes enough of a difference to warrant the higher price. While I like the stopping power of ProV's, my low-mid 90 swing speed doesn't give me the distance that the E5 does.

  • A reader - Nioxin follicle booster was a very good product, new hair booster doesn't measure up

    Nioxin is always repackaging (containers continue to shrink), and changing formulas and product names. I really liked the old follicle booster, but the new intensive therapy hair booster isn't quite the same. For starters, it's watery compared to the old follicle booster. In addition, I'm just not seeing the same results. Way to expensive for disappointing results.

  • douglas dinnebeil - Normally Great, but not this time!

    I have purchased McAfee products for years and the last 3 yrs this "3PC type", but recently McAfee although the product information said it was a CD version a "cash card" type card with an authorization code was delivered. Yes the first copy went fine... I went to my second PC and that is where things stopped. The McAfee tech's are willing to help but I've already spent 1 1/2 hrs trying. I know the download type products are more enviro. friendly... but in this case, give me a disk! Still not on the third PC.

  • Jennifer McMahan - Be careful!!!

    LOVE the product however it melted the end of my new hair dryer the first time it was used on my daughters hair. The base of the pick becomes too hot to even touch without getting burned.