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Centex Automation - Automation Specialist - Centex Automation - Automation Specialist for Solutions for the Woodworking, Metal/Milling, Composite and Aerospace Manufacturing Industries. 

  • http://centexautomation.net/about-us/ About Us - Centex Automation - About Us - We Specialize in New and Used Machinery for the Woodworking, Metal, Composite, Plastic and Aerospace Industry.  CNC, Saws, Dust Collection etc!!

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  • KeepTheFaith - Not quite a miracle cure-all, but works pretty well!

    Was very surprised by how well this works. I expected some relief from the chronic tendonitis & arthritis that I have, but it's worked on almost all my pain. It's gotten to the point that the only time I even take any pain relievers is if I have a migraine or am going to be on my feet more than normal (which will cause a sciatica flare-up) when I used to take 1200-1600 mg of ibuprofen daily.

  • Rhonda - Lots of kid dancing

    My grandkids love dancing to this and it offers great exercise especially in the winter months. Used mostly by a 3 year old.

  • T. L. Pistole - Best knee sleeve ever!

    I have purchased several kinds of knee braces for both my husband and I. These are by far our favorite brand that we have used. These are a very thick style of neoprene (ok I cant guarantee exactly what kind of material it is actually I did not bother to read it) I love it though. It doesn't slide around when moving around doing exorcises, sweat doesn't seem to make it get all soft and yucky or fall off. My husband typically uses the kind with the open patella and this one does not have that (I know that was my fault bc I didn't think about it when I bought these) but he tried them anyways and found that he likes them even better and did not even know that is what he should be doing differently to make his knees hurt less! SO win for me not reading all the way through before buying! These are a very nice thick material, with great seams (he always rips the seams out within a month or so) and we go through a lot of the other brands) This comes as a pair which is even better bc many of the ones he has to buy come singly and it gets so expensive! But long story short these are a great find and the best pair of all types and price points of knee sleeves we have tried ever.

  • Kate24 - A good place to start...

    Unlike some of the other reviewers, I think both this book and HGH are great. This book is a great place to start getting some information on this issue. Perhaps the reason why hgh is not working for people is due to their use of synthetic hgh drugs that have side effects... Myself and some of my family members have been using a natural hgh called yf-8 that causes our body to naturally produce hgh. So, it is not that hgh is bad or doesn't work, it just has to work with your body.