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Cenovis: Vitamin Supplements for the whole family. - Cenovis Vitamins and Supplements have been helping families Get on with Good Stuff for over 70 years! Click here to find out more.

  • https://cenovis.com.au/products/ The Full Cenovis Dietary Supplement Range - Explore the Cenovis vitamin & health supplement ranges. Click here to explore the full ranges for a healthier family.
  • https://cenovis.com.au/products/kids-health/ Kid's health products from Cenovis - Kid's health supplements from Cenovis. Click here to find out more about this Cenovis product range.
  • https://cenovis.com.au/products/digestive-balance-and-detox/ Digestive balance and detox products from Cenovis - Digestive balance and detox supplements from Cenovis. Click here to find out more about this Cenovis product range.
  • https://cenovis.com.au/products/energy-and-vitality/ Energy and Vitality products from Cenovis - Energy and Vitality supplements from Cenovis. Click here to find out more about this Cenovis product range.
  • https://cenovis.com.au/products/fish-oils/ Fish Oil products from Cenovis - Fish Oil supplements from Cenovis. Click here to find out more about this Cenovis product range.
  • https://cenovis.com.au/products/heart-and-circulation/ Heart Health products from Cenovis - Heart Health supplements from Cenovis. Click here to find out more about this Cenovis product range.
  • https://cenovis.com.au/products/mens-health/ Men's health products from Cenovis - Men's health supplements from Cenovis. Click here to find out more about this Cenovis product range.
  • https://cenovis.com.au/products/stress-and-sleep/ Stress and sleep products from Cenovis - Stress and sleep supplements from Cenovis. Click here to find out more about this Cenovis product range.
  • https://cenovis.com.au/vita-sprinkles-multivitamin/ Vita Sprinkles Multivitamin - flavour free ~ Cenovis - Parents know that kids can be fussy eaters, so here's a free recipe book of healthy meals your kids will love!
  • https://cenovis.com.au/guide/family-know-how/ Family Know How ~ Cenovis - Check out the Family Know How section of Cenovis and get useful tips and information on how to take care of your family's health better.
  • https://cenovis.com.au/how-to-help-kids-bounce-back-from-a-cold-or-flu/ How to help kids bounce back from a cold or flu ~ Cenovis - One of the best ways to help kids bounce back from cold and flu is to help boost their immunity. From health exercise to the food we eat we can increase our defenses and reduce the time in which we are ill.
  • https://cenovis.com.au/why-do-kids-get-sick-at-the-beginning-of-school-term/ Why do kids get sick at the beginning of school term? ~ Cenovis - It’s the start of the new school term but before you’re even able to get organised, the little ones have come down with a cold or a tummy bug. This areticle explains some possible reasons why kids may become ill early in the school year.
  • https://cenovis.com.au/what-do-kids-know-about-nutrition/ What do kids know about nutrition? ~ Cenovis - What do kids know about nutrition and healthy eating? We have asked six Australian kids the tough questions to see what they really think about nutritional foods and vitamins.
  • https://cenovis.com.au/inside-healthy-familys-shopping-trolley/ What is inside a healthy family's shopping trolley? ~ Cenovis - Good nutrition starts with making healthy choices at the grocery store but doing the weekly shop can feel like a minefield, especially with kids in tow.
  • https://cenovis.com.au/getting-your-toddler-to-sleep-quick-and-practical-tips-for-saying-goodnight/ SIMPLE WAYS TO GET YOUR TODDLER TO FALL ASLEEP EASILY ~ Cenovis - Whether you’re dealing with bedtime rebellion or night time awakenings, getting your toddler to sleep is no small feat. Here are some quick and practical tips to help you say goodnight to your ‘independent’ little night owl and avoid bedtime battles.

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  • snowMan - YES IT ACTUALLY WORKS !!!!

    Fixed my acid reflux and severe heart burn. I was supposed to take prescription pills indefinitely. The pills worked but i started getting side effects. Did some reading and was convinced to try this by the magnitude of positive reviews. Took a teaspoon three times a day and watched my diet what could i lose, right ?. Initially there was no change however after a month seems like i can eat anything and even go to bed with a full stomach(and no pills) and all is well. This honey is well worth the price and worth a try, it might just work for you too.

  • JoAnn Shepherd - Everyone should get one

    Perfect to use my smart big screen tv w/o having to put a bulky PC or even a laptop connection nearby

  • kidcosmo - Not really what was advertised for Quicken

    A lot of their advertising focuses on the "easy import to Quicken". I've found, just after 24 hours, you have to do several workarounds to get things to import into Quicken and even then, many transactions don't actually get into the register. The transactions that do get entered do not have the digital copy of the receipt attached as advertised. I feel really duped with this product in that regard. Otherwise, it seems to be a great scanner, especially for OCR functionality, but soooo not worth the money in the long run.

  • anonymous investor - The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing 2013 review

    This book was great. As a beginner investor, I learned a lot about the basics of stock market investing. The author breaks down the information of what you need to know to feel confident. He bases this information on backed up data by O'Shaughnessy's research, other prominent investors, and his experience. The author is very opinionated, which I like because I want to know what the author does personally when he invests. I read one book before I read this and it was highly conservative. It made me never want to put my money into the stock market. Anyways, the author showed several techniques using charts as to when to buy or sell your stocks. Although I got the implication from that section that I will always be buying or selling every month or so, this contradicts keeping stocks long term. Additionally, if I am told correctly, buying and selling short term (less than a year) puts you in a higher tax bracket than if you were to keep the stocks long term (more than a year). The tax % difference of the short and long term capital gain is a big deal to me, which I learned about in the book I read before this, because the government is taking a relatively big chunk out of your potential gain! The author doesn't go into tax discussion, but regardless, if selling short term, you still make money, just less. I hope for future editions the author can discuss his thought process and how to approach taxable gains and/or loss. I didn't really think this was a beginner's book, but I didn't think this was an expert book either. I didn't think it's a beginner's book because it's not a textbook-like book where it gives you a definition of what a certain word means. Instead, it gives you an analogy. I didn't think it was an expert book because, like the author said, he left out all the financial equations. I think reading this book in conjugation with investopedia.com is a good combination to answer your own questions. I also think reading another book for a second opinion is good for understanding the different ways different investors use the terms. This book definitely increased my investing vocabulary AND understanding and confidence significantly. I recommend getting this book.