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  • brian - Beware of catching more bacteria and mold

    Pros: cleans both sides of nasal passage. nasal pillows for insertion are soft. easy to remove tank and clean.

  • KJL Taicho - Its great to work you know.

    I love Jillian Michaels Dvds except for the Yoga one (its not yoga to me) and the trouble zone one. 2009 Ultimatium was a disaster but the 2010 version is pretty great. The control are easy, the graphics are ten times better and you could basically keep working out.

  • letusunite - Great purchase so far!

    The reorganization and coloring of the book is well worth it to me. I don't know if there is going to be a 28-page errata sheet, but I hope not. The 2012 errata have been fixed, so if you haven't annotated in your FA at all, get this book. The coloring and re-coloring of some of the text is well worth it, in my opinion. The information is easier to get through, and I like the organization. Good luck out there!

  • Kevin Ashworth - My kids even noticed the poor fit. I am so disappointed

    Got a $125 gift card from my mom for Christmas, paid an additional $100 to get the form-fit liners for our 2014 Expedition. Made the order, waited almost 3 weeks to receive them. They arrive yesterday, all in one box. The fronts are individually wrapped, which I'd expect. However the one-piece, 2nd row liner is unwrapped and folded in half in the box. Take them all out and only the driver side front actually fits correctly, the front passenger liner has a 1-2" gap between the liner and the side of the floorboard where it meets the dash. The 2nd row liner - likely from being folded in half for over for a week while it was being shipped - doesn't align to the contours of the 2nd row floorboard at all. My kids even noticed the poor fit. I am so disappointed. I think I may send them back, just not sure it's worth the hassle, and also don't want to hurt my mom's feelings since it was a gift.

  • mcgrimes1940 - J K Lasser's "Your Income Tax"

    A necessary reference book regarding taxes. Always pays to consult the experts when dealing with the government. I would suggest it to my friends and relatives, anyone who prepares taxes.