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  • Steggy13 - While most students love this book

    While most students love this book, I find that it is a bunch of random points without explanation. As a review book it is clearly not intended to learn the material, but I isn't an adequate review either. Unless you love memorization without caring to understand the material do not use this as a primary part of your board preparation. It does a nice job of narrowing down material to high yield facts, which may be useful after reviewing the material elsewhere. I found that as I prepared for boards more this book got used less to the point that it eventually was left at home.

  • E. Brotemarkle - Best price

    Includes everything needed to upload and update previous year's tax return. CA State tax return is easier to prepare manually.

  • Viola - and it leaves a wonderful scent on your hair

    Oh my goodness! Since using the Groveda Shampoo/Conditioner for the first time, I could feel the menthol stimulating my scalp; and it leaves a wonderful scent on your hair. After drying my hair natural, I used the Hair Growth Oil that came with the package, which the scent is not as strong as the shampoo/conditioner, but leave your hair feeling nice and soft. I will definitely order this product again.

  • Chorca - Solid tablet for every day use.

    This is a no-frills tablet. It's cheap, but has what you need in a tablet. Running Android M(arshmallow), it operates fairly smoothly and handles most of what anyone would need. It might not be a top of the line Galaxy tablet, or a Pixel C, but everything seems to work well. A tweak here or there helps, like needing to enable the 'dolby speaker' program to get any sort of volume out of it, but things just work. No crashes yet, a few OS updates show ASUS is keeping up with the security needs of Android as well.

  • Kristen - A little too fast...

    It's very fast, much faster than the previous games. It's also a little bit harder to follow because the effects have them going through different screens and walking around-- it's not really my favorite. You should probably rent at Redbox before buying.

  • mamanyc - amazing! IT WORKS.

    this stuff is amazing! using for one week all the tartear has come off the front teeth in chunks! using the water additive for like 3 years but decided to try this to get the tartar off so glad i did will use from now on daily!